Our blog, Support Our #creatives, features content relevant to the entertainment industry. Supporter-in-Chief Alan documents his journey and experience pursuing his passion for the entertainment industry. That is what makes our blog unique. He also documents the experiences, accomplishments, and milestones of his colleagues; and provides information on various aspects of film, television, and new media production.

We reach out to creatives because we really enjoy doing interviews with them and posting it on the blog.

We encourage creatives to reach out to us if they want to be featured on the blog.

We are looking for guest bloggers.

We want to inform. Please contact us if there is a topic about which you would like us to write.

We will support other bloggers who report on their experiences in the entertainment arena, by publicizing and sharing their content.

Alan would love to be a guest blogger on another entertainment-centric blog.

Funding/Investing in entertainment projects – film, TV, new media, music, theatre production.

We will analyze a project and if we like what we see, we will help to fund it. We will fund either through a formal fundraiser (e.g., GoFundMe) or by working directly with the head of the project.

Creatives, please reach out to us about your projects. We would love to be a funder.

We are willing to establish a long-term relationship with a filmmaker, whereby we will fund multiple projects.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page management – creation and maintenance

We believe that IMDb is the most important reference site for your projects/cast/crew to be documented.

We will ensure the IMDb page for a project will be populated and accurate. Accuracy is important especially for cast and crew crediting. In addition, the plot lines and synopsis sections are important.

The company behind the project should also have an IMDb page. We will create and maintain this page.

We will maintain personal IMDb pages, which should have, at a minimum, a photo and biography. Credits are automatically reflected based on content of project pages.

Social media management

Social media has been a game-changer. Every project should have a well-designed social media presence. We are most familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Clubhouse. We will ensure the latest news on a project is conveyed (as long as it approved for public consumption). This includes posting about topics related to the subject of the project and/or to stir up interest in the project.

Pre-production work

We find it advantageous to participate in pre-production activities of projects we are a part of (e.g., as a funder), to gain better understanding and to provide our input – including but not limited to crew meetings, cast meetings, casting calls, table reads, and script reviews. A necessity if we will be working on set.

On-set work (Crew)

This is the most fun of all! We want to help make the magic happen. We are willing to work on-set (e.g., production assistant, script supervisor)  or in any capacity we are needed (currently in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD areas).

Filmmakers, please reach out to us if you need on-set help.

Contact us for more information

Use the Contact Menu Item on this website. Or email us at or call us at +1 301-919-1587