Support our #filmmakers: Meet Sharrie Mccain

I have mentioned Sharrie Mccain in other posts, but here is a post all her own! Sharrie Mccain is a producer/director/writer/actor.  She is the force behind her own projects such as “Traveling Vagabond” (now in post-production) and “Collision Envisage” (currently in production).  She also acts in those projects.  I am a funding Producer in “Traveling … More Support our #filmmakers: Meet Sharrie Mccain

Support Our #filmmakers: Meet Morgen Whiteman

Filmmaker Morgen Whiteman’s film company is called MorgenFilme, specializing in independent narrative short films.  One such film, “Mom”, is now making the rounds of film festivals and other venues. From the “Mom” website:  ‘Mom’ is about Alex- a young woman who after being evicted and trying to avoid her debts, finds an older woman who … More Support Our #filmmakers: Meet Morgen Whiteman

Support our #filmmakers. Day 2 of shooting of Sharrie Mccain’s “Collision Envisage”

So I was back on set today (11/19/16) of #filmmaker Sharrie Mccain’s “Collision Envisage”.  Once again I operated the clapperboard.  But I also did something totally new for me: I was a stand-in.  A stand-in substitutes for an actor under certain circumstances.  In this case, I was one of a few stand-ins used while the director and director … More Support our #filmmakers. Day 2 of shooting of Sharrie Mccain’s “Collision Envisage”