Why am I here?

Why am I here? A blog is a place where I can write about my passion and obtain a dedicated audience.

The site title “Support Our #creatives” says part of it. Whether it be #filmmakers, #actors, #directors, or whatever, I celebrate those in the entertainment industry. I concentrate on those who are up-and-coming in the industry (of which I know many). I am often part of the project being discussed. IMDb classifies me as a Producer for most of my credits listed therein, but I have not produced any of my own work (someday…). I like to call myself a #fundingProducer for other peoples’ projects.

The advent of social media makes all this possible. Ever since I joined Twitter in 2009, followed by Facebook, I have made so many connections and people started reaching out to me about their projects.

So I am treading into unknown territory, knowing nothing about web sites.

WordPress is supposed to be easy to set up, but it has been a real challenge for me, and it is possible not everything will work correctly. But as time passes, I will be able to make the site work better and be more sophisticated.

Pressing that Publish button is a giant step for me.

By doing this I am stretching myself. I will improve my writing skills as I convey why I am such a fan of the creative arts.

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