What do I do every day to “Support Our #creatives”?

What do I do every day to “Support Our #creatives”? I do my “social media thing”. Say “social media” and I light up. Social media is the doorway to my passion. As is stated in the header of this blog,

Alan Greenstein’s mission: Make it possible to bring a #creative’s ideas to fruition.

There are certain things I do every day:

  • I am a partners with Tiara Williams of The Reel Network. I am in charge of ensuring that every blog post made by the blogging team to The Reel Network website, is linked to from its Facebook page and its Twitter timeline. I also share a subset of those posts to my personal Facebook and Twitter timelines.
  • I am partners with Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger on Move the World Productions. I am responsible for populating its Facebook timeline. For the most part, subject matter includes new media (especially streaming), Indie productions (movies, TV, streaming), and diversity in the entertainment industry. I am continually researching on the web to come up with content. In addition there is a “Movie Mondays” segment, where Johanna, Toni, and I post about a movie we like.
  • I work with Danielle Earle of PL Entertainment on her projects. I am responsible for maintaining the Facebook page and Twitter timeline for one of her films (currently in production), “The Haunted Mind of an Insomniac”. The subject matter I post is all about “film noir”, which is the style of “Haunted Mind”.
  • I am constantly researching social media platforms for projects that I want to support. I publicize peoples’ projects/events on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter – both those I am personally a part of; and even those I am not, but one of my colleagues in the industry (my “connections”) is involved.
  • I have a list of people I “vigorously” follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope. They give great advice on social media and the entertainment industry.
  • And most recently, I have started this blog. This is a challenging endeavor. I have to work on my own material to post, as well as determine what else to post. I plan to document my journey; post stories from around the web that are entertainment-related; and post about my connections and what they are up to.

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments.  I would really enjoy hearing from you.



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