Support Our #filmmakers: Meet Morgen Whiteman

Filmmaker Morgen Whiteman’s film company is called MorgenFilme, specializing in independent narrative short films.  One such film, “Mom”, is now making the rounds of film festivals and other venues.
From the “Mom” website:

 ‘Mom’ is about Alex- a young woman who after being evicted and trying to avoid her debts, finds an older woman who is temporarily renting out a room in her house at a price that Alex can afford- with what little money she has left. When Alex learns her host’s true intentions, she must ultimately decide what she is willing to do for money.

In addition, currently Morgen is Director of Photography on Sharrie Mccain‘s film “Collision Envisage”, now in production.  I am working with Morgen on that film as Producer and Funder.
More on Morgen Whiteman:  Facebook
More on “Mom”: Facebook Website

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