She got me started with blogging – Meet Tawanna Browne Smith


How did I come to do this blog? After years on social media like Facebook and Twitter, I wondered what I can do next.

The impetus to go to the next level came from my friend Tawanna Browne Smith.

Tawanna is in the digital marketing and travel business. MGT Travel Media concentrates on digital marketing using social media; live streaming; and content creation, promotion, and repurposing.  Mom’s Guide to Travel is all about group travel and itinerary planning for Moms.

I first connected with Tawanna on Periscope. I noticed she resides in my area so I reached out to her to dine together, with my wife.  Got together in September 2016.  Eventually discussion turned to “business” and she described how she got started with her businesses: writing travel articles for various web sites, and eventually creating her own site for this activity; later, the social media site was started.  I told her about my passion for the entertainment industry: companies with which I am associated (The Reel Network and Move the World Productions ); my general funding activity and support of creatives’ projects; that creatives reach out to me; and how I was using social media in conjunction with the previously mentioned items.

I told her I have no “project” of my own.  She stated documenting my passion is my project.  I never even considered that!

Tawanna asked what is my goal.  I said someday making money off of this.

Tawanna recommended I start using a unique platform to document my passion; and that will make it easy to come up with ideas.  In the long run there might be the possibility of monetizing.

But what type of platform?  We focused on live video streaming and blogging, which Tawanna speaks of in her scopes (by the way, Tawanna is very passionate about the former).

I replied I am not comfortable with video, but writing in a blog is something I can do, as writing is a major skill I possess as an engineer and business analyst.

Deciding what to do is one thing, actually implementing it is another.  The key thing here I was READY to move to the next level (not sure why NOW was the time).  Tawanna has been so supportive in getting me started as well as continuing to encourage me, as the blog is now a reality.  I am so grateful.

If you are considering improving your social media presence, or group travel, whether it be for business or passion, I would encourage all of you to follow and engage with Tawanna on all her platforms.

Tawanna can be found at:

MGT Travel Media

Mom’s Guide to Travel

Tawanna’s Facebook

Mom’s Guide To Travel Facebook

Twitter @tawannabsmith

Periscope @tawannabsmith

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments.  I would really enjoy hearing from you.



3 thoughts on “She got me started with blogging – Meet Tawanna Browne Smith

  1. Thanks for the shout out Alan. It’s so nice to see you taking your passion to the next level and blogging about it. You said something that is so key, that you were “ready.” Most people think they want success but they really don’t. The ones who do take action and MOVE! And that’s what you did so success will come your way! All the best.


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