Support our #filmmakers: Danielle Earle’s “Brooklyn is in Love”

I connected with Danielle Earle while she was working on the web series “Brooklyn is in Love”.  I started out as a funder and have since advanced to be associate producer on all her projects.  This was Danielle’s first major dramatic work.

Here is an interesting clip from the early days (2010): A video from the first rehearsal/photoshoot for Season One.

“Brooklyn is in Love” starts out with a shocking event and takes off from there as the characters deal with what has transpired.  An interesting group of people work through their complex relationships.  The viewer really has to pay attention.  Amazing writing by Danielle Earle and Stephanie Lazorchak (who have worked together on other projects).

“Brooklyn is in Love” has won the Jury Award at the 2012 LA Web Fest. Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Nicole Vogt-Lowell 

Brooklyn Is In Love: Watch the series on YouTube   Facebook    IMDb

Danielle Earle: Facebook    IMDb

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