Support Our #creatives: Meet Okema T. Moore

(photo from Okema’s Facebook timeline)

Today (December 23) is the birthday of Okema T. Moore! Okema exemplifies the hashtag #creative! She is an actor, singer/songwriter, media personality, writer, director, assistant director, and producer; working in film, stage, and television.

I connected with Okema through social media (of course!) via Twitter.  I have been a funder in many of her projects and I have seen her perform.

Check out this recent interview with Okema by Guyanese Girls Rock to learn more about her.  You will read about how driven she is to become known for her work.  “I have less interest in being famous, as I do in being respected for doing great work.”  I have been friends with Okema for years and I know that is a perfect description of who she is.

Okema was a partner in the on-line entertainment magazine “XI Magazine”.  She gave me a birthday present by featuring me in an article (so now I am returning the favor)!  She also had a documentary web series “O On Da Go”, about her journey in the entertainment industry.  My wife and I appear in one of the episodes (my web series debut and my one and only stint in front of the camera).

In her company MOOREthanEnuff Media, LLC, Okema works with clients and partners through the entire lifecycle of a production; as well as working with individuals and businesses for brand development, resumes, and creating web content. She has a Professional Certificate in Producing.

Presently, Okema appears in the BRIC TV web series “Brooklynification”, and the film “The Haggler” by Shauntay Cherry, which has been shown in film festivals.  She will also be in the upcoming web series “Deka-Log”.

Please support Okema!  Links:

Okema:   Facebook    Twitter: @okematmoore    Instagram: @okematmoore    IMDb     YouTube

MOOREthanENUFF Media, LLC:    Website    Facebook    Twitter: @MteMediaLLC

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