Support our #singers: Meet Vickie Natale (Updated)

Vickie Natale Time Machine Cover
“Time Machine” Cover


The wider world first met Vickie Natale in 2003 when she appeared on CBS’s “Star Search” and won.

As for me, I connected with Vickie on social media (of course!) via Periscope. I have acquired her music and have enjoyed it so much. Vickie enjoys many styles of music as you will see in the Q&A below. It is a special treat when she sings on her scopes! Her latest release is “Time Machine”, which can be obtained on iTunes.

Q and A:

I posed some questions to Vickie, so our readers can get to know her.

Alan: When did you realize you wanted to sing professionally?
Vickie: I realized at a very young age that I wanted to sing as a pro.  I got my first gigs singing in local Italian restaurants when I was 15 so I didn’t waste much time! I was making about $20- $30 an hour which was amazing!

A: What is your preferred style of music?
V: I love good music and any music that touches the heart and spirit.  I especially love soul music and classic jazz. I also love classic hip hop from the 90’s.  I have had to sing everything from classical to country so for me it’s so hard to answer this question.  To me music has no boundaries.

A: Tell us about your connection to Ashford & Simpson.
V: When I was still in college my best friend Tirrel started working at Ashford & Simpson’s restaurant the Sugar Bar.  He is also a singer and freaked out when he realized it was owned by them.  He found out in the funniest way.  He saw all of these platinum and gold records on the wall and then turned around and there was Valerie Simpson!  He nearly fainted.  He started attending their open mics on Thursday nights and invited me to come along.  I was petrified and nervous because I was singing in front of these two legends that I loved and respected so much.  Since then I honed my skills on their stage and became good friends.  I haven’t been to open mic in a while but I need to go!

A: How did you decide to audition for Star Search?
V: I actually was at the Sugar Bar open mic and the casting director was in the audience so it was more being at the right place and the right time!

A: Do you compose all your own music?
V: I do compose my own music!  Not all of it because I like to collaborate with others as well.

A: What have you done to keep your name out there?
V: I have taken on the mantra of build it and they will come.  Thanks to my social media I can reach directly to new listeners and have a one on one relationship with my fans.

A: What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you in your singing career (besides wining on Star Search)?
V: There are so many memories!  It’s so hard to pick one.  One that comes to mind now is performing for the first time at Carnegie Hall and my music teacher and mom both crying at the end with tears of joy.  They said you did it kid!

A: Tell us about your being a music teacher and what you expect of your students.
V: I love being an artist but I also absolutely love being a vocal coach and piano teacher.  I get to share everything I learn from being on the stage with people who have the same dreams.  I expect my students to try and be open minded.  To practice of course and to keep going even when their practice gets tough.

A: What’s next for Vickie Natale?
V: I am currently figuring that out! I used to always know exactly what I wanted to do.  Now I am having fun exploring other sides of my talent like writing essays and books.  I hope to release a vocal warmups program on iTunes and YouTube as well as release some new music video singles on YouTube!
Please stay tuned on my sites to see what I am up to!

A: Anything else you want me to include?
V: Sure!  You can get my current album “Time Machine” on iTunes  and I can be reached for lessons and music consultation at


Vickie Natale’s passion has been music from an early age. You will truly fall in love with her music. By the way, my two favorite songs are “Never Gonna Stop” (from the album of the same name) and “I Know” (from “Time Machine”).  And here is the official music video for “Stop The World” from “Time Machine” (from YouTube).

Additional Information

Instagram @vickienatale
Twitter @vickienatale
Periscope @vickienatale

Originally published January 13, 2017.  Updated August 19, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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