Support our #singers: Vickie Natale – In Her Own Words

vickie2_fullsizerenderI have already profiled Vickie Natale. The other day (1/26/17) she wrote a series of tweets describing how the ideas are now flowing freely after she suffered through a drought of creativity (commonly known as writers block) which she has dubbed “inward flow”. Her prose has so impressed me that I have taken her twitter narrative and combined the tweets for this post. Vickie is a singer/songwriter, but this narrative is applicable to creatives of all kinds.

Here is a Periscope where Vickie mentions the term “inward flow”.

Here is the narrative of successive tweets with her thoughts on the subject:

  • recently made an interesting discovery about writers block & it took me all of my life to realize it. Can any of my creative peeps relate?
  • I go through these phases where I just can’t get any ideas out. They are stuck. I just don’t feel it I have so much to say but nothing …
  • I’ll see other people writing and watch them with awe and feel so inspired like wow they are writing.
  • As a singer and songwriter I need to express myself so I attributed it to writers block and maybe I just was t [sic (wasn’t)] making the time …
  • But I realized something it’s not necessarily a blockage as songwriters we can’t always have the creativity flow out sometimes we take it in
  • What if my ability to [write (emoticon)] for 2 months was my time to experience life & take it all in so I did have something real & honest to write about
  • One of my amazing students @CorinnaSMusic told me even as a kid she would observe everything […] totally makes sense as writers we observe
  • With all that’s going on in the world today I was shocked I had nothing musically to say …
  • Then bam two days ago the flood gates of creativity burst open… it’s like I took so much of the world in & my spirit was ready to express
  • So for all the artists, writers & creators out there I want you to know your creativity is so important right now. Music therapy needed.
  • As you can see by my tweetstorm & latest songwriting my “writers block” or what I now refer to as inward flow is gone & I’m flowing out.
  • After just observing for a while, taking the world in with the least amount of judgment and experiencing life I can write about it.
  • My friend @RichDaley told me to think about what the people need to hear and I am. It gives me such a great sense of purpose to write music
  • So #writers #artists #songwriters and #creatives keep making beautiful art for the world we need you & love you.
  • to the listeners who observe and take the art in we love you and need you too… art makes us feel not so alone. Anyway, I’m gonna go in and …
  • Write.

Vickie captured all of this in a “Twitter Momett”.


Creatives, have you been inspired? I think it is a perfect expression of what creatives face over time. You will get past the “inward flow”. Please provide your thoughts in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you.


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