Support our #filmmakers: Spotlight: Four Projects by My Connections (Updated)

You know I have made many connections through social media.  This post spotlights four projects by my connections.

Danielle Earle’s “Brooklyn Is In Love”

“Brooklyn is in Love” starts out with a shocking event and takes off from there as the characters deal with what has transpired.  An interesting group of people work through their complex relationships.

Watch the entire series

Here is the debut episode (YouTube):

Morgen Whiteman’s “Mom”

Morgen Whiteman’s film, “Mom”, is now making the rounds of film festivals and other venues.
 From the “Mom” website:

 ‘Mom’ is about Alex- a young woman who after being evicted and trying to avoid her debts, finds an older woman who is temporarily renting out a room in her house at a price that Alex can afford- with what little money she has left. When Alex learns her host’s true intentions, she must ultimately decide what she is willing to do for money.

Check out the film (Vimeo).

Shauntay Cherry’s “The Haggler”

“The Haggler” is a short film which has been shown in film festivals.

A young woman is forced to make a decision about her worth when a potential mate offers less than she deserves. Starring Okema T. Moore with David Roberts, Kim Akia and Candace McCalla.
“What’s YOUR price?” (From YouTube)

Watch the film here (YouTube).

Jolie East-Miji’s “B-City”

From creator Jolie East-Miji. B-City is a dramady that follows 4 childhood friends, ( Brandon, Tone, Pritti, and C.J ) who live in Baltimore City as they carry out their everyday lives and relationships through hysterical and sometimes complex situations. Think he GUY VERSION of the show “Girlfriends” , and the quirkiness of the show “Shameless”. Each character has their own unique personality that seems to get them in and out of predicaments ranging from love, family drama and life changes. But all in all the guys are always there for each other. (From YouTube)

Watch all the episodes

Here is the debut episode (YouTube).

I hope you will like these works.

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments.  I would really enjoy hearing from you.

Originally published February 10, 2017.  Updated August 20, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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