3 Ways To Smartly Work With Difficult People On Set | Studio Binder

This post originally appeared in StudioBinder  website, 3 ways To Smartly Work With Difficult People On Set, by Shant Kiraz

I have been on a working set and I have observed it is difficult enough just following the normal process of production – which involves blocking, setup, repeated takes just to get through even a short scene, etc. Lacking a respectful working relationship among everyone on a set just adds extra stress and must be very inefficient. Assistant Director Angela Tortu provides a roadmap for handling difficult people on set.

(photo from article)
(photo from article)

Production is not for the faint of heart. Long hours, physical strain, and emotional exhaustion are part of the job. Stress can bring out the worst in people, and when you have to work with difficult talent and crew on set, a production can can [sic] go south quickly. […]

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3 ways To Smartly Work With Difficult People On Set

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