Support our #creatives: Spotlight: News from Some of My Connections (Updated)

You know I have made many connections through social media. This post provides some news from some of my connections.

Sharrie Mccain

Sharrie Mccain won 1st prize in a competition, at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (HIMPFF), for her television script.   (I have worked with Sharrie on her shorts “Traveling Vagabond” and “Collision Envisage”)

February 2017, “The Confined Line”, 1st Place Winner, Television Script, by Sharrie Mccain

Okema T. Moore

(image from article)

In Okema’s latest blog post on her Moore than Enuff website, entitled “The Necessity of Specificity”, she discusses how important it is to be specific.

From your goals to your prayers, to your career, to your brand; specificity is key to much of your progress. When applied to your life, specificity can give you a true foundation. – Okema

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Lisa Tedesco

(image from article)

Lisa Tedesco’s film, “August in the City” is being shown at the ClexaCon Film Festival. (I am a funder)

Synopsis: When her college-age daughter comes out of the closet during the Thanksgiving break, August remembers the woman she loved and had to let go when she was younger. – from article

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Johanna Mateo, Toni Tantlinger

(photo from website)

Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger, of Move the World Productions (of which I am a part), are currently touring Europe and they are documenting their journey.  Check out the new website, Seasons of Wander.

We are a travel-loving duo in search of authentic moments. And so it began one day, when the wide-open world called our name. – Johanna and Toni

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Jolie East-Miji

Jolie East-Miji’s webseries “B-City” will be presented at the Iconaclash Cinema Review.  (I am a funder)

As stated on the B-City Facebook page:
B-City follows 4 crazy childhood friends Brandon, Pritti, Tone, & C.J who live in Baltimore City as they carry out their everyday lives and relationships.

Our creatives are always working hard.

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you.

Originally published March 3, 2017.  Updated August 20, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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