Women Film and TV Writers Changing the World with Their Words | Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

The linked-to article in my post originally appeared in the Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls  website, Women Film and TV Writers Changing the World with Their Words, by Danielle Sepulveres.

I am a supporter of diversity in the arts. Women actors, directors, and writers in film and television turn out excellent content each year. They deserve to be recognized for their fine and innovative work as men are.

But before you go to the Smart Girls article that spotlights women writers in film and TV, please salute some of the writers (and some of their projects) I have profiled in posts of my blog (but there are so many more that I will profile in future posts).

  • Shauntay Cherry – “The Haggler”
  • Danielle Earle – “Brooklyn is in Love”, “Lover’s Game”
  • Katie Mack – “Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium”
  • Sharrie Mccain – “Traveling Vagabond”, “Collision Envisage”
  • Jolie East-Miji – “B-City”
  • Okema T. Moore – “Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium”
  • Lisa Tedesco – “August in the City”
  • Morgen Whiteman – “Mom”

This linked-to article starts below …

Writers Changing the World with Their Words

Film and television have long been an industry where women are constantly striving to be heard. Actresses who want to play more complex characters onscreen, women directors who want to have the same opportunities for big budget movies as men, and TV writers/screenwriters who tackle nuanced subject matter in innovative and fresh ways. Both IndieWire and Vanity Fair dive into how 2016 has been a big year for women in film, but it’s something that needs to continue on all fronts. A number of women turn out excellent writing year after year and it’s time that we become more familiar with their names and why their work matters culturally to all of us. Here are some Smart Girl screenwriters who have been creating work that is meaningful and powerful and we want to see more in 2017 and beyond. […]

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Women Film and TV Writers Changing the World with Their Words

My connections I mentioned above – they WILL be widely known too! Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

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