Alan’s News Brief, June 17, 2017 (Updated)

Here is some recent news about my connections.

Please check out these projects and follow the creative behind them.

Years ago I was a funder for filmmaker Charles Clemmons’ “Dance High”.  The series about a dance competition in a high school, was recently released.  C2 Entertainment is his company.  I am executive producer of “Dance High”.  View the trailer.

The recent  fund raiser for filmmaker Danielle Earle’s “Letters to Frankie” has reached its goal and pre-production has begun.  I am associate producer.  This is a serious story, based on true events. The fund raiser is still going on.  Please support.

Filmmaker Jermaine Smith’s series “Vish Merrick” is now in production.  The story is about a soldier seeking vengeance for his murdered family – from Vish Merrick Facebook page.  Check out these trailers and teasers.

I recently wrote about my friends and colleagues Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger, as they were wandering around Europe.  They have now settled in New Zealand!

After I featured actor Shumerria Harris in this blog, she featured me in her blog #actorslife, Saturday Salute | Alan Greenstein.

Filmmaker Katie Mack has been awarded Best Director for “Missing You”, at the Peoples Film Festival.

News about “August In The City”, written by Lisa Tedesco and directed by Christie Conochalla.

When her college-aged daughter returns for Thanksgiving with her new found love, August remembers the woman she had to give up two decades earlier in Brooklyn – From August in the City Facebook page.
  • Official Selection at the 2017 SOHO International Film Festival.  Its screening will be its East coast debut.
  • Also, the film is the winner of the Best Female Short Film, Audience Award, at San Diego’s FilmOut 19th Annual LGBT Film Festival.

News about filmmaker Jolie East-Miji.

  • Pre-production continues for the second season of “B-City”.  Recently I attended a casting call.
  • “B-City” and Jolie’s short script “The Life of Charley” are semi-finalists at the Los Angeles Cinefest.

News about Okema T. Moore

  • Okema is the office production assistant working with the director, of “Oprah’s Master Class” on OWN TV.
  • So many projects of which Okema is a part, are being seen at multiple festivals.

Sharrie Mccain submitted “Collision Envisage” to NYC Indie Film Awards (a monthly competition).

Filmmaker Shauntay Cherry (Heart of David Pictures): “Silent Cries: The Prelude” has been accepted at The Lovecraft NYC, Columbus Black International Film Festival, and the Validate Yourself Film Festival.

Lex Anthony remembers his father; a failing entrepreneur who began to buckle under the pressures of fatherhood as his son’s 7th birthday approached. – From Heart of David Pictures YouTube.

Check out the trailer.

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Originally published June 17, 2017.  Updated June 22, 2017 to correct some spelling errors. Updated August 20, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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  1. Very nice Alan!

    On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 10:57 PM, Support Our #creatives wrote:

    > Alan Greenstein posted: “Here is some recent news about my connections. > Pleas check out these projects and follow the creative behind them. Years > ago I was a funder for filmmaker Charles Clemmons’ “Dance High”. The > series about a dance competition in a high school, was r” >


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