Support our #actors: Sharrie Mccain in Her Own Words

Sharrie Mccain
Sharrie Mccain (from Sharrie’s Facebook)


I have written often about Sharrie Mccain as a #filmmaker. It has been a privilege for me to work with her on her projects. But Sharrie is also an #actress, plying her craft on many TV shows, films, and new media.

I have to share Sharrie’s Facebook post from July 7, 2017, about her journey as an actress.

A must-read for ALL working actors. As long as I have known Sharrie Mccain, I have seen her live what she is posting about.

Sharrie’s Facebook Post

Everyone wants to be an actor but people don’t want to put in the work. Acting is not easy. Some people say I’m a great actor no I’m an ok actor because it’s alway room to improve. Someone told me I couldn’t make it in NYC because it took them a while to get in with them or get an agent up there. Yet I see people who said this have a bicoastal agent in states they don’t live in.. Facts you can have an agent anywhere long as you can travel. Or I got lucky getting my parts it’s called (an audition or submit for the job). I work hard at my craft with training classes and more. You have to be dedicated and consistent. I take my last money and spend it on my career. It’s not just about having that agent or manager expecting them to do all the work. Granted that fame and money will go away. You have to put in the work too. Actors we get no sleep. Miss events that our family and friends have. This is a sacrifice that you have to work towards. Once September hit I be 14 years in this career. I am almost where I need to be but I will still be grinding when I make it. I can’t count how many times I lose sleep. Going to auditions giving it my all and sometimes I don’t get the part. I have to focus on two 9-5 jobs and my lines for filming on a day to day bases [sic]. People have told me I can do this. People have told me I couldn’t do this because it’s not a realistic career. I don’t listen to those people because I’m still going strong. Once you sign up for this job you have no life in the beginning and that’s ok because it will all pay off for you. You have to love doing what you do and help others. It’s a difference between helping people in your career with a good heart vs [sic] you think you know everything when really that actor is still in the same boat as you. You having an agent/manager vs [sic] me with no representation yet is no difference. Dont [sic] be arrogant. Don’t give up because of what the negative people have told you. This career has no time. As long as you make that’s all that matters. Cheering you on!


Sharrie is pursuing her acting dream with gusto. She is humble when it comes to her accomplishments, but in my mind that does not diminish the significance of these accomplishments. Significantly, she is also a supporter of everyone on the path to something else (albeit acting or another goal).

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