Alan’s News Brief, December 15, 2017 (Updated)

Here is some recent news about my connections.

Please check out these projects and follow the creatives behind them.  Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments!

Gillian Scott-Ward is interviewed by the On Naming It podcast about her film “Back to Natural: A Documentary Film”.

Gillian was recently interviewed on my blog.

Back to Natural is a  69-minute documentary film that reveals the shocking truth about hair, politics, and racial identity in Black communities and beyond. Directed by New York City based Clinical Psychologist Gillian Scott-Ward, the film was inspired by the work she was doing in her clinical practice and her own drive to go natural. Executive produced by Marquis Smalls and produced by Dominic Ward, Back to Natural is a powerful call for healing that takes a grassroots approach to exploring the globalized policing of natural Black hair. Filmed in New York City, Philadelphia, Paris, And Cape Town, this documentary explores universal aspects of the Black experience and the “New” Natural Hair movement. Join us on this journey of discovery and enlightenment while celebrating our history and natural styles that are taking the world by storm. – From “Back to Natural” website.

Prakash Saikia has written a song honoring Jadav Payeng, The Forest Man of India.  There are two versions, in English and Assamese.

The Forest Man – mostly in English

Moi Bonaria – Assamese

Check out the trailer for the short science fiction film “Jane”. It recently won 2nd place at AT&T Create a Thon. Starring Kim Akia, Randall Holloway, and Empressa Varnado as JANE.
Written by Simeon Coker
Cinematography by Victoria Coker and Jordan Balboa
Produced by Victoria Coker, Simeon Coker, Jordan Balboa, Kim Akia, and Empress Varnado

Our generation is extremely dependent on technology and social media. We expect the two to better every aspect of our lives, but rarely grasp how oversharing and technology dependency can invite the wrong people or elements into our lives. “Jane” is a thriller about the worst that can happen when expectations are not met. – from YouTube

Here is the official music video to ToniSteelz’ “Welcome to My Hood”. The video is an ode to the TV series “Vish Merrick” directed by Jermaine Smith.

Here is the music video “I Did That”, by Manny Be (one of the stars of the B-City Web Series). From the unreleased project entitled “Haus Of Raps” Dropping 2018

Jay Palmieri‘s film “Taste” has won numerous awards, including the following recently:

At the North American Film Awards: Silver Award.

At the Go Independent International Film Festival LA: Best Horror Film, and Best Supporting Actress – Danielle Kronenberg.

A bulimic Fashion Model living in NYC struggles to keep her delicious activities hidden. – From “Taste” IMDb page.

Check out the The Bronx Filmmakers Collective presents… A Screenwriters Roundtable.  Features screenwriters Hye Yun Park, Christina Raia, Ingrid Jungermann and Danielle Earle. Moderated by screenwriter Linda Manning. I have worked with Danielle on many projects.

I have written many times about Jolie East-Miji’s B-City Web Series. I am series executive producer, and work on-set as a production assistant. The B-City Season 2 FINISHING FUND is underway.  Please help us complete this season.

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Originally published December 15, 2017.  Updated August 20, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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