Supporter-in-Chief Alan’s Interview on the Air It Out Show, December 16, 2017


One of the highlights of 2017 was when I was invited to be interviewed on the Air It Out Show. What a surprise! I did not seek this out. It was explained to me that this visual experience would be great for me and my brand. I was interviewed on December 16, 2017.

I have known about and have tuned in to the Air It Out Show for many years. It has evolved to its present form, broadcast live on Saturdays, 11am – noon ET, via DTF Radio (actually a visual experience, not just audio). Recordings (archives) of the original live episodes reside on the DTF Radio Ustream Site.

The Air It Out Show

The Air it Out Show is much more than the DTF Radio show where #creatives are interviewed about their projects. Air It Out Show LLC is a company that promotes entrepreneurs, business owners, and entertainers. It also accepts sponsorships. Check it out at

The DTF Radio studio is located in Brooklyn, NY, in an old building that used to be a warehouse or factory, converted into space for businesses and residences. The studio itself is quite small. Which surprised me – looks bigger when viewing the show online. Four individuals make up the Air It Out Squad: Lorene Martinique  (AKA Kotten Kandy), Staxx Cordero (AKA Pink Pantha), Stephen Edwards (AKA Illflo), and Ramon Jimenez (AKA DJ Top 10).

A few weeks prior to my appearance, I provided information about me and my preferred topics of discussion. This served two purposes: to aid in the Air It Out Show using social media to promoting my upcoming appearance; and giving the interviewers bullet points to drive the discussion. I brought with me copious notes for reference if necessary during the interview. I studied these notes very hard.

There are microphone setups used by the interviewers and the guests. There is one stationary camera for the live DTF Radio feed and a monitor. There is a setup where DJ Top 10 spins music before the first guest and between guests. The day I was there, Kotten and Staxx were the interviewers. Illflo was also recording the show for eventual archiving separate from the DTF Radio archive..

Watch the 12/16/2017 Show (click here)

To see the show from a different perspective, watch the Facebook Live shot by Staxx.

Following are some highlights from the guests.

Natural Langdon
Natural Langdon (photo from author’s collection)

Guest #1: Natural Langdon

The first guest was Natural Langdon. See his entire interview starting at approximately the 16-minute mark of the show. Highlights:

  • Natural Langdon is an Air It Out Show alum.
  • Discussed his trip to Egypt. He had always dreamt of going.  It was a spiritual experience. He saw artifacts featuring images of people that LOOK LIKE HIM.
  • He went to Nubia [Nubia was the seat of one of the earliest civilizations of ancient Africa]
  • He is working on trip planning for 2018; his goal it to figure out how do people get there on tight budgets.
  • He has become a Kemetic Yoga teacher. [Kemet is what the ancient Egyptians called their country]
  • He has traveled to many countries.
  • Discussed his book “Exploring the African Diaspora”. It will be a series of books; the first one is about Bahia, Brazil, and will be available soon on his website.
  • Natural Langdon is on Facebook, Instagram @naturallangdon, Website

Randy and Alan
Wife Randy and Alan (photo from author’s collection)

Guest #2: Alan Greenstein

Now it was my turn. See my entire interview starting at approximately the 36-minute mark of the show. Highlights:

  • I described myself as Supporter-in-Chief of Support Our #creatives – my blog – and have provided funding of entertainment projects, IMDb page maintenance, social media site maintenance, pre-production work, and on-set work.
  • Discussed the Internet Movie database (IMDb) and the importance of ensuring one’s work in movies and TV is accurately and completely represented. One of the things I do is maintain IMDb pages.
  • Discussed my blog Support Our #creatives, an entertainment blog, where I document my own experiences and the experiences of others I have connected with, and document different aspects of the entertainment industry.
  • Discussed “B-City Webseries”, created by Jolie East-Miji, where season 2 is currently in production and I work on-set as a production assistant.
  • Discussed how creatives have to be flexible and be willing to take on multiple roles in a production.
  • I am on Twitter and Instagram @greenstatw, Facebook, IMDb, Website

Peek into the studio (photo from author’s collection)


Both Natural and I were Airrrrrred Out! That means we have let people know about us.

Fantastic meeting Natural and the entire Air It Out Squad in person.

Appearing on the Air It Out Show definitely took me out of my comfort zone, considering my aversion to audio and video (that may change after this experience). The questions that steered the discussion put me at ease in what was my very first formal interview regarding my entertainment-related activities.

This was an excellent opportunity to promote my brand Support Our #creatives and increase my visibility. I really appreciate the show reaching out to me – it shows people ARE paying attention to what I am doing on social media, my blog, and otherwise realizing my passion. I am now an Air It Out Show Alum and look forward to being on again. Especially since there is so much more I can talk about.

Illflo, DJ Top 10, Staxx, Natural, Kotten
Illflo, DJ Top 10, Staxx, Natural, Kotten (photo from Air It Out Show)
DJ Top 10, Staxx, Randy, Alan, Kotten, Illfl
DJ Top 10, Staxx, Randy, Alan, Kotten, Illflo (photo from Air It Out Show)


Air It Out Show Links


The 12/16/2017 Episode of Air It Out Show:

DTF Radio recording of show on Ustream

Recording of Staxx’s Facebook Live

Watch live shows, Saturdays 11amET:

DTF Radio

DTF Radio Ustream Site or Ustream App

Audio only on TuneIn: On TuneIn website or on TuneIn App (Search for DTF Radio)

Watch recorded (archived) shows:

DTF Radio Ustream Site or Ustream App

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by Air It Out Show LLC for this post.

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  1. Thank you so very much for coming to the Airitoutshow to Air Out your gifts. It was a pleasure having you as a guest on our show. We hope your supporters will watch your interview and get to experience the great man behind your brand. We are currently looking for Sponsors to help us push our brand to offset studio rental and other services we provide for our Advertising and Marketing Clients. Our point of contact is Airitoutshow for any businesses or Clients that may want to become apart of our push to the top in this Media and Entertainment Market.


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