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Support Our #creatives is at Shoot for “Camp Wilson”, July 25, 2018 – That’s a Wrap! (Updated)


The book “Camp Wilson”
I was on-set today at the film “Camp Wilson”, written and directed by Barry Battle. I am an associate producer. This was the last day of principal photography.

Grieving the death of her family, Sarah is confronted with baffling news when a stranger enters her world claiming the murderer was wrongfully convicted. – from Camp Wilson IMDb page

“That’s a wrap” for Principal Photography

Principal photography is the phase of film production in which the project is filmed, with actors on set and cameras rolling, as distinct from pre-production and post-production.

The term “wrap” originated in the early days of the film industry, to signify the end of filming. It is sometimes said to be an acronym for “Wind, Reel and Print”. In my experience on-set, I have also heard “wrap” being used when filming is done at a location or filming is done for the day.

Today was the wrap of principal photography of “Camp Wilson”. I even took a 3-second video of Barry saying “That’s a wrap!”

The “Sugar Plate”

A prop (short for “theatrical property”) is an object used on stage or on screen by actors during a performance that is movable or portable on a stage or a set.

One of the props used today was supposed to be a glass plate with some vegetables on it. But the prop was made of sugar! This plate was to be thrown and break into pieces. Being made of sugar, it would not really hurt anyone and would easily break apart. Many props that are meant to hurt a character are made of special material to avoid real injury. Other examples are hammers, knives, and bottles.

Behind the Scenes Photography

All photos are from the author’s collection, unless otherwise indicated.

Camp Wilson slate
Jordan Miller, Daniel Wyland, Barry Battle, Donnie Spears
Chamika Battle, Akiba Robinson
Jasmin Green, Donnie Spears
Daniel Wyland (rear), William Shipman
Akiba Robinson
Akiba Robinson
Daniel Wyland
Nalo Merriman
Nalo Merriman, Daniel Wyland, Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller, Daniel Wyland, Nalo Merriman
Jasmin Green, Daniel Wyland, Jordan Miller
Daniel Wyland, Omar Gooding
Helena Fort
Omar Gooding, Helena Fort
Omar Gooding, Helena Fort
Daniel Wyland
Jasmin Green
Debbie Arnold, Michael J. Patterson
Donnie Spears, Jasmin Green, Daniel Wyland, Barry Battle
Nalo Merriman
Nalo Merriman, Debbie Arnold
Shooting in the rain
Camp Wilson slate
Omar Gooding, Nalo Merriman
Daniel Wyland, Nalo Merriman, Omar Gooding
Omar Gooding, Nalo Merriman
Fireplace and logs
Nalo Merriman, Omar Gooding
Donnie Spears, Nalo Merriman, Barry Battle, Debbie Arnold
Omar Gooding, Nalo Merriman
Omar Gooding
Omar Gooding
Omar Gooding, Nalo Merriman
Omar Gooding, Daniel Wyland, Nalo Merriman
Omar Gooding, Nalo Merriman,
Nalo Merriman, Omar Gooding
Nalo Merriman, Omar Gooding
Omar Gooding
Nalo Merriman, William Shipman
Nalo Merriman, William Shipman
Omar Gooding, Alan Greenstein (photo from Barry Battle)
Barry Battle, Alan Greenstein (photo from Barry Battle)


It is always a special experience for me to be on-set. It is extra special when a major milestone is reached, such as the start and end of principal photography.

By the way, cast and crew are being filmed in a “The Making of …” short. I described how I came to work on the film as an extra and later became one of the associate producers.

I will continue to document the “Camp Wilson” experience.

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Links to Additional Information

Wikipedia – Wrap (filmmaking)

Wikipedia – Principal photography

Wikipedia – Theatrical property

Originally published July 28, 2018.  Updated October 15, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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