Support Our #creatives® News: Screenplay for “Josie’s Date With Death,” by Lisa Tedesco, Wins Award at Woods Hole Film Festival (Updated)

The winner for Best Comedy Short at the 2020 Woods Hole Film Festival Screenwriting Competition is … “Josie’s Date With Death” by Lisa Marie Tedesco. (Alan Greenstein of Support Our #creatives has helped to fund some of Lisa’s projects) Support Our #creatives congratulates Lisa!

When funeral video montage maker, Josie Saint Germaine, matches with a famous immortal on dating site, Mythical Meetup, the pair decides to go out on the town. Set with the eclectic backdrop of Reno, Josie’s Date With Death shines a light on awkward first dates proving we’re all just looking for love – even DEATH.

Here are the list of winners in the Screenwriting Competition:
Comedy Short: “Josie’s Date With Death,” by Lisa Marie Tedesco
Dramatic Short: “Hello I Must Be Going,” by Sarah Hallowell
Comedy Feature: “Girls On The Run,” by Lukas Hassel
Dramatic Feature: “This Is Not Revenge,” by David Pierotti 

Check out our interview with Lisa from 2017 here.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

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Originally published August 18, 2020.  Updated August 20, 2020 to adjust category assignments and add some text.

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