Support Our #creatives® News: The Port Jefferson Documentary Series Announces the Hybrid “Stay With PJDS 2020 Fall Series.”

The Port Jefferson Documentary Series is thrilled to announce its hybrid “Stay With PJDS 2020 Fall Series,” a combination of outdoor and online showings. This approach allows the Fall Series to proceed in this time of COVID-19.

Here is the film lineup:

  • 9/14 – JIMMY CARTER ROCK AND ROLL PRESIDENT, Harborfront Park, Port Jefferson, 7pm
  • 9/21 – DESERT ONE, Harborfront Park, Port Jefferson, 7pm
  • 9/29 – OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFE, Online
  • 10/5 – MIRACLE FISHING, Drive-In, Port Jefferson, 7pm
  • 10/12 – HARRY CHAPIN: WHEN IN DOUBT, DO SOMETHING, Drive-In, Port Jefferson, 7pm
  • 10/19 – THROUGH THE NIGHT, Online
  • 10/26 – MY DARLING VIVIAN, Online
Click above image to go to the Port Jefferson Documentary Series website for more info – summaries, guest speakers for Q&As, outdoor safety restrictions, ticket prices, and options to buy.

Check out our interview with Wendy Feinberg from 2017 here. She is a co‑director of the Port Jefferson Documentary Series. Alan Greenstein of Support Our #creatives has attended the Series in person in the past.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

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