Support Our #creatives® News: “TASTE,” by Jay Palmieri, Will Be Shown at the Houston Horror Film Festival, September 4 to 6

The film “TASTE,” written and directed by Jay Palmieri, has been accepted into the Houston Horror Film Festival. Online screenings will take place on Sept. 4-6, 2020. “Taste” will be one of the films shown in the Shorts Block 6. The film is nominated for Best Short this season. Tickets on sale here.

Houston Horror Film Festival’s sole purpose is to recognize, honor and showcase the best indie films in the genre each year!

“TASTE:” A bulimic Fashion Model living in NYC struggles to keep her delicious activities hidden.

Houston Horror Film Festival/”Taste” (photo from Jay Palmieri Facebook)

Here is a list of all the films being shown in Shorts Block 6:

TrypophobiaOscar Axel Thorborg
She Must VanishKyle Martellacci
TASTEJay Palmieri Jr
CachedDaniel Lake
The ChillsBrooke Hebert
There’s Nothing in The ShedDavid Axe
MatryoshkaManny Serrano
PumpkynBrooke Hebert
The Bucca BooKyle Knopf

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