Support Our #creatives® Meets Catherine Warren, #creator of Her One-Woman Show “#IAMYOU”


I usually begin an “interview” post with how I connected to the interview subject. But this time I will let the subject reveal that information. I found out that Catherine Warren would be presenting an online version of her one-woman show “#IAMYOU,” (driven by these COVID-19 times). I grabbed my ticket and contacted Catherine telling her I would like to interview her for this blog.

I AM YOU is a one woman show written and performed by Minister Catherine Warren.

60 minutes of funny, not so funny Humorous Moments.

This show explores Catherine’s personal intimate moments of her “LIFE Experiments.”

Her Personal Journey back to her POWER & FREEDOM. And discovery of learning how we are All Reflections & Connections of each other.

As a Storyteller she will share 8 stories of Healing that has allowed her to UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT the WOMAN GODDESS she has become.

Facebook event post

The Interview

1.Introduce yourself to our readers.

Catherine Warren: My name is Catherine Sha-Lisa Warren also known as KittyRose currently known as Minister Cat.

2. How did we come to know each other?

I host a television show call “Natural Sessions,” and I had [filmmaker] Danielle Earle on my show who happened to mention you in the interview. Then you began to follow me [on social media] and I saw a radio station that you were promoting that I ended up being on, getting the information off of your social media page. [Author’s Note: See Bonus section below for more on this.]

3. What is the KittyRose LyfeStyle? Why did you conceive it? Does the KittyRose Lyfestyle define who you are as a person? How will this LyfeStyle help you to be successful in achieving your goals in life?

My name is Catherine and my daughter’s name is Rose. Cat Rose did not flow so I made it KittyRose. So I can give something to pass on to my daughter. The KittyRose Lyfestyle is whatever I can do as an artist, entrepreneur, and activist. To secure income to support my family and support me being a full time parent in all three of my children’s lives and yes, it has helped me be successful in achieving that because I’m a full time parent who is present and consistent, and all of my bills are paid, and I would say that it defines me because it’s the choices I make not adhering to an employer.

4. Your one-woman show is called “#IAMYOU.” Why did you decide to do this show? Who are you trying to reach and what message are you trying to convey?

I decided to do this show to finally trust completely in myself and my ability to make something successful.

I’ve been hired as a contractor to be involved in other people’s productions but never really taking the leap into trusting myself 100%, so I took a leap of faith on myself and that’s one of the messages I’m trying to convey, that we all have the ability to attain the goals we want.  However, we have to get out our own way and become accountable and responsible, and that’s what “#IAMYOU” is about.

5. Tell us about your podcast “Natural Sessions.” Do you have a preference to interview people of certain lifestyles or professions? What do you want your listeners to learn about your guests?

“Natural Sessions” is a place of acceptance in a No Judgment Zone where people’s truth, with tools provided, to understand why we do what we do and how to move forward.

The type of guest that is preferred are people who are honest with themselves, finally living in a place of truth whatever background they may come from. What I learned from my listeners and what I want others to learn is that we all share very very very similar stories. What was common is that all the stories are kept secrets, living with no tools on how to rectify the situation. “Natural Sessions” gives a platform for people to rectify situations.

6. You are an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Why did you decide to follow this path? What is your message and how do you get your message out there?

This path found me at ten years old. I accepted it then, at least I thought I did, but not truly until four years ago in accepting this path. My message is using my life as a testimony to talk about and show people the mercy and grace of Jehovah God, and how I get my message out there is just by being myself talking on a regular basis to the people in my network.

–using #IAMYOU as a platform of my ministry.

–using “Natural Sessions” as a platform to share my ministry.

I take every opportunity given to talk about how the Creator has blessed my life.

7. Anything noteworthy you are working on for the future?

I just became the new program director for a virtual media and technology program geared towards young filmmakers ages 16 to 26 that I’m excited about. [Author’s Note: This project is called Project MEDIA Zone.]

8. How can people get in touch with you?

YouTube: Catherine KittyRose Warren
Instagram: @mzkittyrose
Facebook: Catherine Sha-Lisa Warren
Facebook: The KittyRose LyfeStyle
LinkedIn: Catherine S. Warren
“Natural Sessions” with KittyRose on ALL PODCAST stations

Bonus: Catherine Discusses the Importance of Connections

In this video from 2018: After she appeared on the “Air It Out Show,” Catherine discussed the importance of networking, cross-promotion, connections, and supporting one another. The context is how Catherine, filmmaker Danielle Earle, and myself all connected (see also interview question 2 above). I call it the social media family tree.


It’s amazing how Catherine Warren has lived her life in the KittyRose Lyfestyle. It encompasses her goals and beliefs in her personal and professional life. It leads to success in everything she does. I hope you all get to see Catherine in “#IAMYOU.”

To my readers, please provide feedback or questions in the Comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. And let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

The interview was edited for readability and formating.

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