Support Our #creatives® Spotlight: Trailer for “Vengeance Is Mine” from Andrée Harris Productions

Andrée Harris Productions is happy to announce that the trailer for “Vengeance is Mine” is now ready for viewing. Premiere information not yet available.

Follow sisters Pamela (Andree M. Harris) & Wendy (Monei Sutton) as they weave through life from a traumatic childhood. While they continue to make a difference in the community for victims of abuse, at the P & W Domestic Violence Center, somehow, the abusers are being attacked, better yet some of them are coming up dead. All start cast… Moyae Freespirit (as Young Pamela), Kourtney Webster (as Young Wendy), Robert Blaze Murray, Phil Marzette, and many.. more. Executive Producers: Andree M. Harris and Nakia Dillard, Producers: Monei Sutton and Tobie Famusipie. Directed by Bily Ray Valentine, AD: James Lett III 3rd Camera: Victor Gulley

“Vengeance Is Mine,” from Andrée Harris Productions YouTube
Click on image above to play the trailer.
“Vengeance Is Mine” poster (photo from Andrée Harris Productions)

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