Support Our #creatives® Attended “Courtyard Cabaret: A Tale of the Seven Deadly Sins” on September 26, 2020

My wife Randy Greenstein and I attended an amazing outdoor dinner theatre event, “Courtyard Cabaret: A Tale of the Seven Deadly Sins,” presented by Make Em Laugh Make Em Cry Productions, LLC.

Randy and I called it our “coming out party,” because it was the first event we attended since the COVID-19 troubles began. The event was conducted with safety in mind. Many precautions and protocols were observed.

Event attendees assembled at a designated location. The attendees were picked up by a limo (I call it a party bus), and we were transported to a secret location (which will stay a secret 😀 ).

The purpose of this event was a fundraiser for the “HighStakes©” TV series, written by Isaac Loyal and Jamilah Chanie. All proceeds went to this effort. Plus dinner and the “A Tale of the Seven Deadly Sins” performance!

HighStakes© is a comedic television show about two debt ridden professionals who irrationally decide to move in together after realizing their simple common interest in smoking marijuana, great idea right?! Along with its crude comedic nature, this show also addresses social issues current millennials face everyday. 

HighStakes© TV Series GoFundMe page

For more on the “HighStakes©” TV Series, see its Instagram.

Please consider funding. See the HighStakes© TV Series GoFundMe page.

The “Sins” performance was a serious and comedic take on the Sins. Some were quite graphic and scary, and others were hilarious, with lots of double entendres.

Support Our #creatives congratulates all associated with this event! The location, environment, food, and show was excellent.

Check out our photo gallery. All photos by the author unless otherwise indicated.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

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