Support Our #creatives® News: “Wham!” Written by Wi-Moto Nyoka, is One of the Projects at the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival, Online November 27-30, 2020

“Wham!” written by Wi-Moto Nyoka and directed by Sandra Manzanares and Wi-Moto Nyoka, is one of the films at the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival. “Wham!” is the first episode of “Cold Sweat,” created by Dusky Projects. (Alan Greenstein of Support Our #creatives has helped to fund some of Wi-Moto’s projects and is a executive producer on “Wham!”) Her film is one of ten projects in Block 3, available starting on November 27. In addition, “Wham!” is nominated for the following awards:

  • Out of This World Award (for Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Categories)
  • Best New Media (for Webisode and Sketch Categories)
  • Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast

Support Our #creatives congratulates Dusky Projects and Wi-Moto! Get tickets here.

Cold Sweat is a chilling coming-of-age anthology about making it to high school in one piece.

Dusky Projects

“Wham!”, the story of a nefarious soft drink that tries to take over a school, is chapter one in our series. Our heroes, Aquila and Sadiquah, are two of the best students at 362 MLK Middle School. But when the school begins to break out into mysterious rage episodes, the uninfected will have to find the courage to save their school. And their future.

Wham! (Official Trailer) on YouTube

I have seen “Wham!” Strong students take the lead to avoid coming under the spell of the school’s affliction (the nefarious soft drink) and at the same time manage to get rid of it. Just wait till you see what happens next! This is a great example of classic horror, as it features

  • Strong and complex characters (the students and the teachers)
  • Magic, spookiness, or both (the soft drink) 
  • Resilience (the students are victorious and the teachers and students get back to normal)

Projects in Block 3 (from Official Latino Film and Arts Festival website)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody | ChachiDirected by Aresmendi Merejo
Piel CanelaDirected by Michelle Salcedo
The FixerDirected by Michael Schilf
Lost OathsDirected by Leo Rod
Super MaDirected by Juan Gil
JoyrideDirected by Edwin Alexis Gómez
Wham!Directed by Sandra Manzanares
Bonito SecretsDirected by Blaine Morris
The Terms of UsDirected by Roberto Sanchez
El PaleteroDirected by Arturo Guzman
Projects in Block 3

Click image above to watch the “Wham!” Official Trailer (from YouTube)

Check out our interview with Wi-Moto from 2019 here.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

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