Support Our #creatives® Spotlight: London Glossy – Editor’s Picks (collection #1) (Updated)

The London Glossy Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for today’s modern individual. The magazine focuses on Business, Wellness, Society, and our Environment.

London Glossy website

The magazine has an international following.
This is the inaugural post where Support Our #creatives® will be publicizing articles from London Glossy as chosen by their editors.
Check out these six “Editor’s Picks” to gain an international perspective on various subjects.

Could Bitcoin reach its $20k all-time high in 2020?
The staple currency of the crypto world, Bitcoin, has surpassed $15,000. This is a level that we haven’t seen since 2017 – the year of the crypto bubble. Despite some alarming indicators, investors are jumping in on this asset due to the impressive returns during October, and catalysts such as the presidential election. The Silent … Continue reading

Potato Tipples Takeover – pairing potato dishes with alcoholic beverages
The idea of pairing alcohol with food is not new; we regularly choose wine, beers or cocktails to complement certain meat or fish dishes. Many people know that a full bodied red is perfect with steak, a Bloody Mary is great with brunch and a crisp cold beer balances a spicy curry. If drinks can … Continue reading

UK debt reaches highs not seen since 1960
The UK’s national debt hit a record £2.06 trillion (€2.3 trillion) at the end of September, up £259.6 billion in six months, according to new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It pushed borrowing up to 103.5 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) after the public sector borrowed around £36.1 billion in … Continue reading

Curing Eczema
Eczema is an atopic dermatitis, very common form of skin condition, prevalent in children and infants but can occur as an adult as well. The red, rashy, skin ailment is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease, where the skin barrier may be defective, leading to loss of function which means allergens can sensitise through the skin. … Continue reading

Boosting Immune System
Being in good health has never been more important than during the times of the pandemic. This means having a holistic, wholesome approach to wellbeing and contentment, including being in a comfortable physical and the mental space. Our immune system is essentially an unsung hero, a significant weapon to beat viruses or diseases that may … Continue reading

Delectable Desserts
Talk about Christmas celebrations. Christmas gifts are not the only things we are looking forward to this Christmas morning. These mouth-watering treats listed below are gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside. Rest assured, these sweet delights will have everybody shouting out with glee. Barbeque Nation gives us a few modern dessert … Continue reading

Disclosure: The author has a five percent (5%) holding in London Glossy.

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Originally published November 26, 2020.  Updated November 27, 2020 to correct the Disclosure statement.

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