Support Our #creatives® News: Fundraising Campaign is Underway for the Short Film “Spin,” by Lisa M. Tedesco

Spin Poster and Cast (photo from Lisa M. Tedesco’s Instagram)

The fundraising campaign for Lisa M. Tedesco‘s short film “Spin” is in progress.

When the curtain descends on their final performance of Romeo and Juliet in drama club, high school seniors Abigail and Sky bid a fair adieu to the stage they loved while letting their most deepest desires for one another surface at the cast party.

“Spin,” from IndieGoGo

“Spin” is the next film from acclaimed and award winning filmmaker, Lisa Marie Tedesco (“August in the City,” “House of La Reine”). What’s so exciting is that creating this film is Lisa’s thesis project towards her degree in Film and Media Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. Please take a look at the IndieGoGo campaign.

Please donate if you can. There are also investment opportunities – Own a piece of the film! (Disclosure: I am an investor) And please share the campaign on all your platforms or the old fashioned way in person or phone. In addition to what you can learn about “Spin” on IndieGoGo, check out Lisa’s social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter @Lady_Film_LT, and Instagram, for more exciting insights into the film and the process of creating it. WE APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! 

Check out our interview with Lisa from 2017 here.

Disclosure: The author is an investor in Lisa M. Tedesco’s film “Spin” with a ten percent (10%) share.

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