Support Our #creatives® is On Set of “Through the Eyes of Others,” #written and #directed by Meagan Adele Lopez


I have been a part of Meagan Adele Lopez’ project “Through the Eyes of Others” nearly since the beginning. The name of the film used to be “A Baltimore Dream” and I wrote about a fundraiser for it here. As with the rest of the world, COVID-19 delayed progress on the film. In April 2021, some pick-up shots were required to wrap principal photography. On one of those filming days, my wife Randy and I were on set explicitly to be in a scene!

So here I am documenting my experience and acting!

Due to restrictions put in place by Production at the time of the published date of this post, I cannot reveal certain things, including what the scene was about or posting photos I snapped while filming was going on.

[photo: Meagan Adele Lopez (from Meagan Adele Lopez)]

 In 1996, a group of promising Baltimore teenage actors were chosen to become the next generation of stars. Twenty-five years later, one friend uncovers what happened to their lost dreams. 

Logline, “Through the Eyes of Others,” from IMDb

Call Sheet

Everyone received a call sheet prior to the day of shooting. Among other things, the call sheet contained the following information:

–Call time (arrival time) for Crew and Talent (“actors”)
–Set locations (there were multiple set locations on this particular day)
–Schedule/timeline of events, such as which crew/talent should be present at each set and the time to be on that set
–Wardrobe information
–Crew list
–Talent list

Shooting a project is quite dynamic. Some of the planned locations changed between the day before the shoot and the day of the shoot, including the one Randy and I were to be at.

The specific people on the Crew list were:

–Director: Meagan Adele Lopez (not physically present)

–Unit Production Manager (UPM): Samantha Mitchell
–Cinematographer: Aaron Tucker
–Sound Mixer: Camila Gomide

Read more about film crew roles and responsibilities here.

The specific people on the Talent list were:

Brandon Price
Tyler Zeisloft
Kristin Poulson Young
Alan Greenstein
Randy Greenstein

I think this is the first time Randy and I have been on a call sheet as “talent!”

On Set

The prescribed location, outdoors, was too noisy so cast and crew had to find a quieter location.

I was giving Randy a play-by-play on activities as she does not have as much on-set experience as I have. I mentioned how Camila was “wiring up” the actors for sound with
lavalier microphones. This provides a second source of sound capture in addition to the camera’s built-in microphone. Sound editing in post-production would use the sound from the source with the best quality. I pointed out the built-in monitor on the camera. I pointed out the soundboard. I showed her the boom with its microphone covered by a “dead cat.” The dead cat is a windscreen, providing a method of reducing the effect of wind. I pointed out the time code generator at the top of the slate, used to sync picture and sound.

Multiple takes in a scene is commonplace. This happened during Randy’s and my part of the scene.

We got photos!

The following slide show contains a selection of photographs I took on set.

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Being on set is my favorite thing to do in entertainment. But this time was different – Randy and I were “talent.” All will be revealed when this amazing project is released. In fact, even I do not know how the scene fits in the overall context of the film. Randy and I have been speculating about that.

Creatives out there, if you want me to interview you, please contact me. This will give you exposure to an audience in my “circle,” that you may not have reached before.

To my readers, please provide feedback or questions in the Comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. And let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

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