The Support Our #creatives® Clubhouse Room – July 25, 2022 – Ebeneezer Sowah

Mon. July 25 at 8pmET. The Support Our #creatives Clubhouse room. Special guest Ebeneezer Sowah (AKA EbNFLoW), actor, songwriter, and voice-over artist. We will talk about the film “The Haunted Mind Of An Insomniac” in which Ebeneezer is the lead, his song “Pollo A La Brasa,” his voice-over work, and his film history. 
Join our room! We will interview Ebeneezer and then open it up to the audience. Come up to the stage and add to the conversation and ask Ebeneezer questions! Let’s see where the conversation leads!
***Note: This room will be recorded***

Click image for more information.  

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