The Support Our #creatives® Clubhouse Room – January 9, 2023 – Bella Levy

Mon. Jan. 9 at 8pmET. The Support Our #creatives® Clubhouse room. Special guest Bella Levy, founder of the Bella Levy Foundation; its objective is to fight human trafficking and provide a safe space for its warriors. Tonight it’s all about the inaugural Blue Ribbon Gala being held the last weekend in January, which is Human Trafficking Awareness month. We will discuss how Bella developed her passion and what the Gala is meant to accomplish. Disclosure: I am also on the board of directors of the Bella Levy Foundation.
Join our room! We will interview Bella and then open it up to the audience. Come up to the stage and add to the conversation and ask Bella questions! Let’s see where the conversation leads!
***Note: This room will be recorded***
By the way, go to Bella Levy Foundation Blue Ribbon Gala page for details on the Gala, tickets, and accommodations.
Click image for more information.

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