Support Our #entrepreneurs: Meet Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger of Move the World Productions (Updated)


Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger are the co‑founders of Move the World Productions.

I am the Social Media Administrator in the company. I had worked with Johanna and Toni on other projects, and when Move the World was founded they asked me to be a part of this.

The tagline of the company is “Meet Your Video Storyteller”.  Services to clients include producing advertisements, promotional product videos, promotional social media videos, music videos, social media live videos, commercials, startup investor videos, documentaries, and short/feature films.

In addition, there are internally‑produced projects.

Q and A:

I posed some questions to Johanna and Toni, so our readers can get to know them.

Alan: When did you realize you wanted to be a producer?
Toni:  Being a video producer was not what I thought I would grow up to be as a child. But the opportunity to produce came my way years ago and I was lucky to have uncovered a deep-rooted passion in it. Now, it has become my creative dream to make an impact in this world with the skills I’m gaining each day.
It has become a new outlet that allows me to combine all the things that I loved about film-making into one.
A:  What made you decide to use video to express your creativity?
T:  I have always loved the camera, especially being behind it to create art and beauty with a single image. That combined with my love for watching and critiquing films spiraled into a love for creating video projects I am proud of. I have found that I’m able to tell thought-provoking stories worth sharing and that is super important to me. I grew up admiring the film and photography industry and I hope to one day be able to capture the minds of people as it did for me growing up.
A:  What message(s) do you want to convey in videos?
Johanna:  Each video we take on has a unique purpose and message that we hope comes through the screen. This means, from creating an instrumental music video about senseless acts of violence to a video series about getting to know people who’ve made their mark in history. The goal with each of our video content is to make you think. Whether you agree with the topic, or you feel you can relate to it, there is always a new perspective to learn from and that’s the overarching goal of why we do what we do.
A:  Who is the audience for the videos?
J:  Everyone. I truly mean this. I strongly believe that we all could learn and embrace and work on understanding one another and especially those who are different from us. Because of this purpose, we spend a large amount of time looking for meaningful content to create with our company.
While we don’t expect to make a viral impact with every video we produce, we do take on each project with the hope that we will be a part of helping as many people as possible to look outside their backyard and the comforts of their home for greater understanding of those around them. With the current state of our world today, I think this ideal concept has never meant so much.

Our Latest Project – Get To Know: The Astronaut Edition

Move the World Productions has just released the first part (of 4) of the series “Get To Know: The Astronaut Edition”

Johanna:  Facebook    Twitter: @JohannaBusiness    Instagram: @johannabiz    IMDb

Toni:  Facebook      Twitter: @ToniBusiness    Instagram: @tonibiz    IMDb

Move the World Productions:  Website    Facebook    Twitter: @movetheworldpro    Instagram: @movetheworldpro

Originally published December 30, 2016.  Updated August 19, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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