Support our #filmmakers: Jolie Miji’s Web Series “B-City” Ep. 4 “School’s in Session” – YouTube

Episode 4 of Jolie (Jo’Jo) Miji’s web series “B-City” is available for viewing.

“School’s in Session”:   Poor Brandon can’t even make it to Friday. While on his break, Brandon is surprised by a pop up visit from Bre who comes in with lunch and some other things on her mind. On the other side of town at “Ray’s Garage” we are introduced to Tone’s mentor/ boss Ray, and his small band of employees which includes Tone his floor manager. – From YouTube

I am a funding producer for “B-City”.  I was on set for this episode and performed various tasks, including being the boom operator.
So proud of everyone associated with this project!
Please subscribe to the B-City Web Series YouTube page, where you can also watch previous episodes.

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments.  I would really enjoy hearing from you.

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