Support our #podcasters: The Lady Kickback – The Podcast for Creatives

The Lady Kickback Logo
The Lady Kickback logo (photo from Katie Mack Instagram)

The Lady Kickback podcast has debuted. Its tagline is “The Podcast for Creatives”.  It is hosted by:

Katie Mack – The Filmmaker/Director

TamekaB (Tameka Burnett) – The Photographer

V.Fogg (Verna Fogg) – The Mixed Media Artist

Episodes can be found at .

This excerpt from the blog post “Fresh Starts” (1/24/17) from Kmackbrand (Katie Mack’s official website), explains the motivation behind this podcast series.

The launch of my [Katie Mack] weekly podcast, The Lady Kickback, debuts tomorrow, January 25th and I’m super amped about it. I will be co-hosting alongside fellow creatives: Photographer TamekaB and Mixed Media Artist, V.Fogg. It’s a podcast for creatives by creatives about art, life and laughs. It’s dope because we, as artists and creatives alike tend to go through the same things mentally and emotionally – no matter the field, and we are sharing a platform to talk about that and hope to be a refreshing addition to the lives of other creatives maneuvering through their art.

The Lady Kickback hosts
The Lady Kickback hosts (photo from Katie Mack Instagram)

Play this promo of the podcast below (from Vimeo).

Please listen to the podcasts. Provide feedback or questions in the Comments.  I would really enjoy hearing from you.

Additional Information

The Lady Kickback

Katie Mack Facebook

TamekaB Facebook

V.Fogg Facebook

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