Support Our #rappers: Meet ToniSteelz (Updated)

ToniSteelz (photo from ToniSteelz)
ToniSteelz & The Steel Tones (photo from ToniSteelz)


ToniSteelz is an award-winning rapper in New York City. She has been producing content and has collaborated with many in the hip hop genre. I actually connected with her via Jermaine Smith’s internet radio show a few years ago. I want to spotlight her because one of my goals on my blog is to show the variety of styles of creatives.  Her current single “They Don’t Know Yet” is available of iTunes and other digital networks.


I posed some questions to ToniSteelz, so our readers can get to know her.

Alan: When did you realize you wanted to sing professionally?
ToniSteelz: I may have been 12/13 years old.

A: What is your preferred style of music?
TS: I’m a hip hop artist but I love soul and R & B.

A: Do you compose all your own music?
TS: I do write all my own rhymes.

A: Have you collaborated with anyone (if so who?)
TS: I’ve collaborated with a few artists such as Joanne Perricone, a female hip hop artist from Connecticut; Aida (like the movie), another female hip hop artist from NYC; Jelani Maleeq aka Mr. Thr33 D, an R & B soul artist from Queens, NY, who is also my background singer from The Steel Tones; & more…

A: Can you tell us about BlackSteelz?
TS: BlackSteelz (now defunct) was a multi-award-winning male/female hip hop duo from NYC. [EMF Black and ToniSteelz]

A: Tell us some of the venues you have performed at.
TS: Wow, I performed in SOB’s, BB Kings, Madison Square Garden, The Delancey, Times Square Arts Center and many more…

A: Describe your current project.
TS: My current project is called “Still, Just Me” which is a follow up to my first project called “Just Me”. This project is more hip hop based and produced mainly by Drawzilla. More boom bap, more bars but still filled with content.

A: What have you done to keep your name out there?
TS: I’ve stayed consistent. Collaborating with other artists, brands…cultivating relationships, networking and staying within ear and eye distance 😂😀😉.

A: What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you in your singing career?
TS: The most memorable thing so far has been winning the Best Female Rapper of the Year three times in one year. That’s memorable!

A: What’s next for ToniSteelz?
TS: Whatever God has in store for me. I am a part of a few projects and collaborations. I’ve written a few jingles/promos and currently doing voice-overs as well as theme sings for two soon to be released TV shows…I’m excited for it all and very thankful!

A: Anything else you want me to include?
TS: my current single “They Don’t Know Yet” is available on all digital networks for purchase. Support our women and creatives #ItsAGO™


Toni Steelz has made a mark in the music industry and there is much more to come. She is Ur Favorite Hood Chic.   Her tagline phrase “ItsAGO™ U Already Know” demonstrates she is unstoppable. Take a look at a performance of her single “They Don’t Know Yet”, LIVE at The Delancey (backed by DJ Bilal & The Steel Tones) below (from YouTube).

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments.  I would really enjoy hearing from you.

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YouTube:  ToniSteelz on YouTube    ItsAGO Radio Video on YouTube

Facebook:  ToniSteelz on Facebook    ItsAGO with ToniSteelz on Facebook

iTunes: Search for “ToniSteelz”

Twitter:  @ToniSteelz    @ItsAGOwithToni (#ItsAGOw/ToniSteelz)

Instagram:  @ToniSteelz    @itsagowithtonisteelz (#ItsAGOTM)

Mixcloud (search for “ToniSteelz”)

Originally published January 27, 2017.  Updated August 19, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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