How Did I Achieve My Greatest Success in the Entertainment Industry? (Third post in a Series)

Alan (photo from Sharrie Mccain)


My blog has been documenting my passion for the entertainment industry and my participation in it.  I have come a long way since I started my journey in 2009.  This series of posts documents how I achieved what I call my “greatest success” (among various accomplishments).

There are many articles around about how to get a foothold in the entertainment industry. Of course, there are the various skill sets, such as actor, cinematographer, sound engineer, and many more; some of which I have written about in this blog. People practicing these skills may have gone to school, or gone to acting classes, or got on the job training. However, what about those with “no talent in the creative arts”? That describes me when I started my journey. How would I be able to realize my dream?

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PART 3:  I Developed Long Term Relationships

I became a frequent funder of projects, even funding multiple projects by the same person.

I developed long-term/permanent relationships with three production companies – in effect I became a member of the companies and was delegated responsibilities. I provide artistic input, review documentation and scripts, post on social media, create and update IMDb pages, and receive advanced look at content. I am a part of every project and get on-screen credit. Being in this situation was a great step forward for me, and it provided even greater insight into the workings of production.

  • PL Entertainment – Danielle Earle
  • The Reel Network – Tiara Williams
  • Move the World Productions – Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger

All the projects I had been associated with up to then were long-distant relationships, including those of the above-mentioned companies. Finally, I made a connection via Facebook through longtime friend and colleague Danielle Earle: Her name is Sharrie Mccain. Two names that should be very familiar to readers of this blog. This was an important breakthrough – Sharrie was my first connection, residing in my area, who is a filmmaker. I knew I had to work with her.

To be continued …

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

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