Support our #filmmakers: Meet Kimia’ Workman

Kimia' Workman
Kimia’ Workman


On May 28, 2017, I attended TruTalent Creative Works Presents: Shock Nation Web Series Release Party.

I first connected with Kimia’ Workman during the filming of Sharrie Mccain’s “Collision Envisage”. Kimia’ is an actress in live theatre, screen, and television, who has appeared in webseries, Indie films, and “re-enactment” shows on TV. She formed TruTalent Creative Works (TTCW) Productions, and “Shock Nation” is the first project she has written, directed, and produced. She also stars.

“Shock Nation”

“Shock Nation” is the story of Sachi Jerinagan (Kimia’) who has to work her way through family issues and just survive living in Baltimore. She used to dance but lost her inspiration. Now she wants to get back into dancing.

A few episodes were shown at the release party. The episodes were well-chosen because it shows some of her struggles and sets the stage for her return to dance, but also leaves unanswered questions, such as why she stopped dancing. I am looking forward to the entire series to find out why, and to follow Sachi’s journey in the dance world.

Check out the teaser to “Shock Nation”here:

Celebrating Baltimore Area Talent

The evening turned into a grand celebration of Baltimore area talent. I can relate to that now, based on my on-set experience – well-documented on this blog; although I have been living in the area for years, it was only in the past couple of years I found out.

Four other projects featuring Baltimore talent were shown (personally chosen by Kimia’):

“The Student Body” (webseries), a crime drama about organ harvesting.   (by Christian Smooth)

“B-City” (webseries), about 4 guys making it in Baltimore.  (by Jolie East-Miji )

“Not Home for the Holidays” (short film), a crazy comedy/horror film.  (by Wayne Hill)

“Black in Blue” (short film) (TRAILER), about police brutality, black cop vs. white cop.  (by Titus J. Burrell)


This release event really was a party, so well organized and presented! I am so proud of all the #creatives in the area and of course wish everyone continued success.

Did any of my readers attend this event? What experiences have you had at other release parties? Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Check out additional photos below.

Additional Information

Kimia’ Workman:

Shock Nation:

TruTalent Creative Works:

Program Cover
Program Cover
Alan and Kimia'
Alan (the author) and Kimia’
The crowd (author’s wife Randy in middle)
Shock nation talent
“Shock Nation” talent
Baltimore talent
Baltimore area talent (photo from Sharrie Mccain)

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