Support our #musicalProfessionals: Meet Jazzzelle (Updated)


Jazzzelle is a music professional and a singer. She performs in concerts, musicals, and in theatre all over the country. She also hosts and MCs events.  I initially connected with Jazzzelle through Periscope and was pleased to find out she lives in the same area I do, the Washington, DC area!

Jazzzelle tells me I am the first blogger to interview her.

Jazzzelle (photo from Jazzzelle)


I sent Jazzzelle a list of questions and I received her response on June 1, 2017.

Alan: When did you realize you wanted to sing professionally?

Jazzzelle: I was like a toddler.  I was watching Michael Jackson. This is so surreal. I was like who is this man? Look at the way he performs. Wow he looks real good doing this. Then I told my parents that I wanted to sing and dance like Michael Jackson. Meaning, I want to be a performer like him. And I wanted to appear in concerts. I’ve already done this. So, now it’s about doing it big.

A: What is your preferred style of music?

J: I like all types of music. I’ve had the opportunity to perform different styles also. My forthcoming CD will have Urban music on it.

A: Do you or do you plan to write your own music?

J: I have the ability to write, but I want to work with certain people at this point. I’ve got my eye on some really big producers now. So, I will see.  Until my debut album is produced and released, I’ll be focusing on live performances projects.

A: What have you done to advance your career (e.g., types of venues, methods of publicity, etc.)

J: I have all these real good people in my life. My manager, my mom, my dad, my sister, and people who give me great advice. I’ve almost convinced my mom to be my “momager.” She already runs the rest of my life. I’m like why can’t she run the music thing too? It’s a lot of work though. I’ve performed at festivals, Mr. Henry’s, Celebrate Seven O, Special events, etc.

A: What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you in your singing career?

J: I’ve gotten to stand next to Stevie Wonder as he played and sang at an event. It was amazing.

A: What would you like to do next to advance your career?

J: I’d like to tour worldwide. Traveling to all continents except Antarctica would be epic. Yeah, that place is way too cold and no population.

A: Anything else you want me to include?

J: I’ll be on a TV Show called The Sound. It’s like the Tonight Show. It focuses on music performances and interviewing the recording artist. That’s something that you miss with most of these shows. You either get to watch the interview or the performance. With The Sound, you get both. I’m singing on TV on June 6th. Check out my website for the broadcast date. You can be a part of the audience at the Shaw Music Series on July 11th, and at “The Drift on 7th” on July 27th [both in Washington, DC]. Visit my web site often for other upcoming tour dates


Great things are ahead for Jazzzelle as she tours and produces a CD!

Do you have any questions for Jazzzelle? Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Additional Information


Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, Busker:  @JazzzelleLove

Originally published June 1, 2017.  Updated August 19, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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