Support Our #creatives is at Another Shoot for “Shock Nation” Season 2, March 3, 2018 (Updated)

Shock Nation poster (photo from Shock Nation Facebook page)


The production/filming phase of “Shock Nation”  season 2 continued today. See here for my post of the previous shoot.

Kimia’ Workman is the driving force behind this web series. The production company is TruTalent Creative Works.

Shock Nation is a webseries about a girl growing up in the streets of Baltimore City and trying to find her way, as well as escape from living in poverty and being surrounded by a neighborhood of violence and drug addiction. She gets inspired by a dance group called Shock Nation that changes her perspective on life. This series will go through the life struggles of today’s young adults living in poverty, but through their friendship and strong bond, they realize that together they can achieve anything, thrive to keep chasing after their dreams, and survive any obstacle because their love for dance helps to save their life in ways they could never imagine. –  From TruTalent Creative Works website

Watch all eight episodes of Season 1 here.

Script Supervisor

In a previous post I discussed my role as the script supervisor on “Shock Nation”. I am responsible for ensuring an actor does not omit dialog and feeding lines to an actor upon request; noting additions, removals, and changes to dialog; noting elimination of action or addition of action within a scene; and tracking continuity from scene to scene.

Behind-the-Scenes Photographer

In the present post, let’s talk about the still photography. I have been informally doing this on multiple projects, predominantly to augment documentation of my on-set experience on this blog and on social media. But on “Shock Nation”, I have been designated as the official behind-the scenes (BTS) photographer. Other terminology used include the still photographer and the unit still photographer. These fall under the broader category of film stills.

Photographs can be candid or planned. Candid photos capture the action of actors and crew during rehearsals and during filming (like a “fly on the wall” – I do not interfere with what is transpiring). Otherwise, posed photographs are taken to support the continuity effort. In effect, this intersects with my script supervisor role. The goal is to photograph actors at certain critical points to capture their appearance and clothing, for replication in other scenes. In addition, photographing a set can be used to ensure its look is replicated in a different scene. Here is a cool article from Fstoppers: The Reality of Working as a Behind-the-Scenes Photographer.

Here are a bunch of photos from the session. All photos are from the author’s collection. Of course, in the room with the mirror, the director of photography ensured no one could be seen in the mirror when filming was being done.

Al Morgan, Kimia’ Workman, Daylan Jones
Myesha Hurt, Derek Quick
Myesha Hurt, Derek Quick, Al Morgan, Daylan Jones
Daylan Jones, Al Morgan, Myesha Hurt
Daylan Jones, Al Morgan, Akiba Robinson
Akiba Robinson, Al Morgan, Daylan Jones, Kimia’ Workman
Myesha Hurt, Akiba Robinson
Daylon Jones, Al Morgan, Myesha Hurt
Derek Quick, Sincere Allen, Kimia’ Workman, Al Morgan
Derek Quick, Sincere Allen, Al Morgan
Al Morgan, Daylan Jones, Akiba Robinson
Derek Quick, Al Morgan, Daylan Jones
Sincere Allen, Daylan Jones
Sincere Allen, Derek Quick
Al Morgan, Kimia’ Workman, Daylan Jones
Derek Quick, Sincere Allen, Akiba Robinson
Parris Watkins, Anicco Annan, Al Morgan
Akiba Robinson, Derek Quick
Brian Gibbs, Anicco Annan, Kimia’ Workman, Asim Amin (plus some ghosts in the mirror)
Daylan Jones, Marlon Green, Al Morgan
Brian Gibbs, Anicco Annan, Kimia’ Workman, Asim Amin (pay no attention to those people in the mirror)

These final photos are a sampling of those taken for continuity purposes.

Kimia’ Workman, Sincere Allen
Anicco Annan, Brian Gibbs
Asim Amin, Kimia’ Workman


I am glad I am gaining more experience on-set and taking on more responsibility. I will continue to document the “Shock Nation” experience.

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Originally published March 9, 2018.  Updated October 15, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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