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A scene in “Ocean’s 8” was filmed inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur. Credit David Lee/Warner Brothers Pictures (photo from New York Times article)

The linked-to article in this post originally appeared in The New York Times: “Nights at the Museum: When the Met Became a Movie Studio”, by James Barron.

I saw “Ocean’s 8” recently, which is about a group of women pulling off a theft at the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) Gala. I have not seen any of the 21st century’s Ocean’s film franchise, but I have seen the original “Ocean’s 11” (1960) starring the Rat Pack. What drew me to “Ocean’s 8” was its being set and filmed in New York City, and knowing it would be lighthearted with minimal violence. I wondered how much location shooting there would actually be and would it be filmed at the actual Met.

I was thinking, why would the Met want to be involved in a film showing a lax security system that would allow the theft to take place? But, the Met was happy to get involved! The linked-to article discusses the Met’s involvement in the film.

Each participant in Debbie Ocean’s team possessed a unique skill, so when working together the team would be able to pull this off. Everything pretty much fell into place with minimal setbacks, although all of the team being in the right place at the right time was kind of incredible/unbelievable at times. But that’s OK. Suspending one’s belief is important to enjoying a movie. There are two amazing plot twists that in my opinion will make this film so memorable years from now.

But this post is not really a review of the film, but I wanted to put in a few cents.

The linked-to article begins below …

Nights at the Museum: When the Met Became a Movie Studio

For a couple of weeks last year, Rebecca Schear and Sandra Bullock worked nights together. They never met, but they played different parts in the making of the just-released movie “Ocean’s 8” — Ms. Bullock’s as the mastermind of a caper that required elaborate planning, Ms. Schear’s as a different kind of mastermind.

For those couple of weeks, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was a museum by day, as usual, and a movie studio by night. […]

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Nights at the Museum: When the Met Became a Movie Studio | The New York Times

I really enjoy watching a film shot at actual locations as opposed to a sound stage and/or back lots!

Check out my earlier blog post about location scouting.

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