Alan’s News Brief, June 29, 2018 (Updated)

Here is some recent news about my #creative connections.

Please check out these projects and follow the creatives behind them.  Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments!

Okema T. Moore is producing and directing the one-act play “Razing the Statue”, by Marilynn Anselmi. It will be part of the The LIC One Act Play festival, held at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City (Queens), NY. If you are in the New York City area on these dates, please attend.

Sat July 14 @ 7:30pm
Fri July 20 @ 9pm
Thu July 26 @ 7pm
Sun July 29 @ 5:30pm
Wed Aug 1 @ 9pm

A city worker is tasked with cutting up a Confederate statue–until it comes alive and begins to spout snippets of famous speeches in a bungled attempt to discover who it was. – from The Secret Theatre website

Check out Bum Rush (web series)Staxx Cordero and Lorene Martinique are in the series.

A story of friendship, love, money, betrayal, and violence…Detective Lawson has returned to the old neighborhood as an undercover officer, sworn to take down the local drug kingpin! That was before he knew his best friend, J Rock, is the next in line and now running things… Will Det. Lawson honor the badge or his family??? Written and directed by Dre Foreman and Jay V Simmons. – from Bum Rush website

Danielle Earle was on another panel: Empowering the Black and African Filmmaker – her topic: Fundraising Fundamentals for the Filmmaker

Danielle is interviewed on Natural Sessions, hosted by Catherine Warren. Danielle and I have worked together for years on her entertainment projects. (She mentions me at approximately 21:40!!)

Danielle is a producer for the web series “Ariel + Miranda + Fate”, by executive producer and creator Mykal Monroe.

It is about how Fate influences the lives of Ariel and Miranda. – from GoFundMe campaign

Staxx Cordero was in a play: “Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Anne L. Thompson-Scretching, put on by the American of Actors Theatre and Shining Star Productions.

“Say Goodbye to Yesterday”: Vennetta Cotton is dead and has left a fortune that’s up for grabs. She had a husband who betrayed her, adult children who used and abused her by withholding secrets that have shattered them … but when an estranged sibling returns home from the funeral, all hell breaks loose – from poster

“I Got a Callback!”, written by Staxx,  was honored as Best Comedy at the Astoria Film Festival.

“Back to Natural”, by Gillian Scott-Ward, received the Juror’s Choice Award from the Women of African Descent Film Festival.

Back to Natural is a  69-minute documentary film that reveals the shocking truth about hair, politics, and racial identity in Black communities and beyond. Directed by New York City based Clinical Psychologist Gillian Scott-Ward, the film was inspired by the work she was doing in her clinical practice and her own drive to go natural. Executive produced by Marquis Smalls and produced by Dominic Ward, Back to Natural is a powerful call for healing that takes a grassroots approach to exploring the globalized policing of natural Black hair. Filmed in New York City, Philadelphia, Paris, And Cape Town, this documentary explores universal aspects of the Black experience and the “New” Natural Hair movement. Join us on this journey of discovery and enlightenment while celebrating our history and natural styles that are taking the world by storm. – From “Back to Natural” website

Shauntay Cherry appears in the film “Momma’s Boy” by Antoine Allen  which has been accepted into the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

“Momma’s Boy”: A son’s undying love for his mother will force him to make the ultimate sacrifice. – from IMDb

“Silent Cries: The Prelude”, by Shauntay, was screened at the Peoples Film Festival. The film will be at the Red Phoenix International Film Festival (PA), July 20-22.

“Silent Cries: The Prelude”: Lex Anthony remembers his father; a failing entrepreneur who began to buckle under the pressures of fatherhood as his son’s 7th birthday approached. – From Heart of David Pictures YouTube page

The web series “#ActorsLife”, created and hosted by Shumerria Harris, was part of the Public Media Awards of Excellence.

#ActorsLife delves into the hustle and grind necessary to succeed in entertainment business. Actors, agents, managers, directors, and casting directors have open and honest discussions with actress and host Shumerria Harris about the truth behind the glitz and glamour of entertainment. The price of glory is high. – from website

Watch episodes here.

Shumerria was on set. Watch behind-the-scenes footage from Vivian Sessoms’ upcoming video.

The BRIC TV series “Sole Kings”, is an Official Selection – Hip Hop Film Festival

Watch the 1st season right here.

Michael Pinckney (The 25th Hour, Precious, Inside Man) writes and directs this new series that follows the lives of five entrepreneurial sneaker enthusiasts as they hustle their way through Brooklyn’s competitive sneaker culture, trying to define who they are in a world where kicks rule. The colorful cast of collectors, resellers and OGs will resonate with fans of early Spike Lee joints and sneakerheads in Kings County and beyond. – from BRIC Arts Media website

Here is the promo of Prakash Saikia’s new music directional song “Aai Oo Aai”.

Marnie Irene Jopp appeared in Copa Style magazine.

Trenyce played Diana Ross in the national tour of “Motown The Musical”. My wife Randy and I attended one of her performances! Randy got to sing with “Diana” (Sorry, no record of that).

Here is an interview on Global News when the show was in Montreal.

Kim Akia is the TV pilot “Up North”, directed by Emil Pinnock and Damaine Radcliff (Okema T. Moore is 2nd assistant director).  It was screened at American Black Film Festival – Emerging Directors Showcase.

Alan’s corner:

Watch “A Day In The Life Red Carpet Premiere Part 2”, hosted by Robin Dorsey My wife Randy and I attended the red carpet premiere of “A Day in the Life”, by Edwin Maker. (see Randy and me at 4:30)

A short film about a police officer who wants to bring peace in the community and is fair to all individuals no matter what race they are and his son who struggles with bullying. Also a star stud football player who is very cocky, conceited, and loves the attention he gets. The officer, John Wagner, struggles to find solutions to bring peace between citizens and the police. The football player, Sean, struggles in an environment which offers him very little resources to thrive. What will there outcome be? To find out, we go A Day in their lives. – from YouTube

I am the Social Media Administrator for the Laurel [Maryland] TV public access show “C-Suite on Your Street”, created and hosted by LaTaunya Howard.

C-Suite on Your Street (TM) is an educational business show aimed at providing resources, tips and tricks to help small business owners think and operate like a CEO, wherever they are on their entrepreneurial journey. – from “C-Suite on Your Street” Facebook page

Check out the shows here.

I continue to Support Our #creatives by funding, maintaining relationships with long-time colleagues and production companies, establishing new relationships with content creators, and continually look for new opportunities to work on-set.

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Originally published June 29, 2018.  Updated August 19, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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