Support Our #creatives® Meets #entrepreneur LaTaunya Howard (Updated)

LaTaunya Howard (photo from LaTaunya Howard)

My passion brand is Support Our #creatives®, with emphasis on the people who create content – content of any kind. LaTaunya Howard is founder of Howard Corporate Centre, LLC in Laurel, MD; an author; and creator/host of a television show. I connected with LaTaunya when I came to Howard Corporate Centre to see one of her clients. I am presently working with LaTaunya as the social media administrator of one of her Facebook pages, C-Suite on Your Street – TM. Meet LaTaunya Howard.

Introduce yourself to our audience.

LaTaunya Howard: I am an author, educator and entrepreneur – an overall champion for small businesses.

About Howard Corporate Centre, LLC:

1. Tell us about Howard Corporate Centre, LLC.

Howard Corporate Centre, LLC is the solution to a problem that many small businesses have: how to have a professional place to operate their business without breaking the bank.

The essence of Howard Corporate Centre, LLC is helping small businesses look big. Not just by offering fully-furnished private offices and meeting rooms, but also by providing a broad portfolio of other business solutions to support business growth, such as Notary Public services, administrative support, copy/printer/fax access and business-class internet services.

2. I was unaware of the concept of Serviced Office Space (SOS) until I started working with you, although clearly I have been in offices employing the concept. In a nutshell, what is SOS?

In a nutshell, serviced office space enables businesses to have a professional environment to conduct business at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial office space. Many small businesses simply do not have an abundance of the time or money required to secure, set-up and maintain a traditional office, but SOS is an alternative that helps business owners to focus on what they do best – grow their business.

3. What encouraged you to create and run an SOS?

Like many small business owners, I understand first-hand the dilemma of wanting to have a professional place to work without busting the budget. When I owned a boutique financial consulting firm, I did what many small businesses do to avoid paying office rent: I “faked it” by working out of my home or a public venue, such as a library or a coffee shop. But what I soon realized is that while “faking it” seemed to be saving me money, it was actually costing me something: perceived credibility and legitimacy as a business owner.

This motivated me to open Howard Corporate Centre, LLC in 2012: to be a solution to a problem I once faced and to encourage other small business owners to stop “faking it” and start growing their business.  

“Kill the Rent – Grow Your Biz” (photo from Howard Corporate website)

About the Book “Kill the Rent – Grow Your Biz: Five Simple Steps To Cut Costs, Attract More Clients, & Improve Your Bottom Line”:

1. What convinced you to author the book “Kill the Rent – Grow Your Biz”?

I wrote the book because in my six years of being a serviced office space provider, I constantly meet business owners who are not aware of the solution and how it can benefit them. In fact, even I didn’t even know about it until about 10 years ago, even though the industry has been around for decades. The book is aimed at closing this knowledge gap.

2. Explain the significance of the title – what do you mean by killing the rent?

Commercial office space is expensive and for many businesses – regardless of their size – office rent is typically the highest non-payroll expense that they have. However, with serviced office space businesses can significantly reduce their office rent costs, thereby enabling them to “kill the rent” costs and instead redirect those dollars to growing their business.

About theTV Show “C-Suite on Your StreetTM”:

“C-Suite on Your StreetTM” (photo from C-Suite on Your Street – TM Facebook page)

1. How did you come up with the idea for the show?

When I opened Howard Corporate Centre, LLC in the City of Laurel [MD] in 2012, I observed that the City’s public access television station – Laurel TV – had some interesting shows and content, but I didn’t see a show that provided practical information to help small businesses to start, run and grow their business. I’ve always believed in being the solution that you want to see, so with that in mind I pitched the show to the station and we taped our first episode in January of 2018.

In addition to educating and adding value to others, I am also constantly seeking ways to give back to the community; volunteering as the host of a business show on Laurel TV is the best of both of these worlds.

2. What are you trying to accomplish with the show?

“C-Suite on Your Street™” is an educational business show whose main purpose is to discuss how business owners, regardless of the size or stage of their business, can operate like a C-Suite executive. With this mission in mind, the show covers a wide range of business topics to educate viewers about how to start, operate and grow a successful business and features informed guests who can offer unique insights on such issues.

3. Is the content of the show of interest to viewers who do not live in the Laurel, MD area?

Absolutely! The show is a practical resource for business owners everywhere. Furthermore, even though the show is currently taped in the City of Laurel, viewers outside of the City can see the show on Comcast 996(HD) or 71(SD), Verizon 12, or at Past episodes of the show can also be viewed at

How can people get in touch with you?

First, I’d like to thank you for interviewing me for your blog – it’s truly an honor!

Your audience can contact me at to learn more or to continue the discussion. Here, they can also download some free resources from the book, view past episodes of the show and much more.

I also invite your audience to connect with me on social media:

FacebookC-Suite On Your Street – TM

LinkedInLaTaunya “L.D.” Howard

Twitter – @Howardcorp

LaTaunya Howard has created a successful serviced office space business, Howard Corporate Centre, LLC; and is passing on her knowledge through the book “Kill the Rent – Grow Your Biz” and the television show “C-Suite on Your StreetTM”. She is a true influencer.

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by LaTaunya Howard or Howard Corporate Centre, LLC for this post.

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Originally published September 7, 2018.  Updated August 19, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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