Support Our #creatives® Meets Jamilah Chanie, #creator, #writer, and #costar of the “HighStakes©” TV series


The “HighStakes©” TV Series was created and written by Jamilah Chanie.
For more on the “HighStakes©” TV Series, see its Instagram.

I am an associate producer on the project and I was present on set November 8, 2020.

As I always do, I was planning to write a blog about my on-set experience, and asked Jamilah if I could interview her as part of the post. So this post is primarily about Jamilah and the interview, with a bonus section about my on-set experience.

But this would turn out to be different from my previous interviews, as she made a video response to my written questions.

As Ed Sullivan might have said, “Take it away, Jamilah Chanie.”

Two strangers, Samantha and David find their lives intertwined when they move in together after realizing their common interest in smoking weed.

“HighStakes©” TV Series Instagram

The Interview – A Video Response

Additional Media from Jamilah

Jamilah provided the following photos and a teaser reel for the “HighStakes©” TV Series.

Alan’s Adventure on Set of “HighStakes©”

I had the opportunity to be on set for a day of shooting for “HighStakes©,” November 8, 2020. It was great to be on set again.

Jamilah was looking for an office environment for the shoot and I suggested she contact LaTaunya Howard, founder of Howard Corporate Centre, LLC, located in Laurel, MD. Jamilah successfully secured using the site. I wrote about LaTaunya and her business in a blog post here. This was the first time I contributed to obtaining a filming location for a project. The process of lining up locations is not trivial. I wrote a blog post about it here.

The following slideshow contains a selection of photographs I took while observing the action.


Looking forward to a bright future for the “HighStakes©” TV series. We learned about the inspiration for the series, distribution, pitching, and character development.

Creatives out there, if you want me to interview you, please contact me. This will give you exposure to an audience in my “circle,” that you may not have reached before.

To my readers, please provide feedback or questions in the Comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. And let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.

The author is an investor in Make EM Laugh Make EM Cry Productions, LLC’s “HighStakes©” TV series, under the “Believer of the Arts” investment tier.
The author received an eGift card from LaTaunya Howard as a thank you for referring Jamilah Chanie to use LaTaunya’s Howard Corporate Centre, LLC as a filming location.

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