Support Our #creatives® News: Fundraising Campaign is Underway for the “QT” Spin-off Pilot, by Tamieka Briscoe

Readers, consider this!

Two seasons of a series – produced in less than a year – all about the personal and professional lives of millennials impacted by the limitations of quarantine during the COVID pandemic – all filmed remotely with none of the actors in the same location! Quite a concept! This is the “QT” Series, written and directed by
Tamieka Briscoe. It’s now streaming on Spiral TV on Roku.

And now a spin-off pilot is in the works to pitch to networks, set in a time period post-quarantine. This will permit stories and locations that could not be considered in the quarantined environment.

The QT team is currently executing a crowdfunding campaign to cover production costs.

Support Our #creatives® is a big fan of this project because of the amazing storyline concept and the accomplishment of producing a series under these extreme conditions. The best is yet to come with the spin-off!

Here’s where you come in.
Contribute to the campaign.
Share. Share. Share. The more people who know about the campaign, the more people to help the team reach their goal!
For more info, visit
@qtseries on Instagram or visit the QT Crowdfunding Campaign page.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by anyone associated with any project mentioned, for this post.

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