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The C-Word (photo from The C-Word Web Series Facebook page)

Principal photograph continues for season 2 of “The C-Word” webseries, written by Jessica Gold and Alyse Hamilton. I was on-set as a production assistant (with some surprises – see below!). See here for my previous post about the webseries.

The C-Word explores the deep topics of millennial dating, Christianity, and celibacy/abstinence in a world where sex is plastered everywhere. The web series shows dating and celibacy from the perspective of a 25-year-old man named Nyle McClain. Nyle’s transformation from playboy to celibate isn’t an easy one and when his past follows him to his future, he’ll have to make some tough decisions. – from The C-Word Web Series Facebook page

Watch season 1 at Redefine Woman (click on “Web Series”)



The weather impacted the shoot today. So we moved indoors to another location.

Virtual Slate:

Today I was all ready to do the slate, but there was no slate available. So I utilized what I call the “virtual” slate. This involved the following:

I announced the scene/shot/take as usual. As I was speaking, I used my fingers to “display” a spoken number (I only spoke the alphas, however). Finally, I clapped my hands. The signing and clapping were in view of the camera in place of the physical slate.

Extra! Extra!

I was called on to be an extra at the last moment – I was assigned to hold my folder and walk across the room. In addition, our director of photography (DP) became an extra sitting at a table looking at a laptop – the director took over the cinematography during that interval.

Pool Game:

There was a pool game that was part of a scene. I have seen films and TV shows that have a pool game going on. I always wondered about continuity in such scenes – regarding the placement of the numbered balls in successive takes. That was not a concern in today’s shoot.

Behind the Scenes Photography – The C-Word

All photos in this post are from the author’s collection unless otherwise indicated.

Jessica Gold, Corey Wood, Alyse Hamilton
Jessica Gold, Corey Wood, Patrick Pierre
Jamie Duffy, Patrick Pierre
Maceo Tendaji, Jessica Gold, Corey Wood
Jessica Gold, Corey Wood, Jenahye Johnson, Maceo Tendaji
Jessica Gold, Jamie Duffy, Corey Wood, Patrick Pierre, Maceo Tendaji, Jenahye Johnson
Patrick Pierre, Jamie Duffy, Jenahye Johnson
Jamie Duffy, Maceo Tendaji, Jenahye Johnson, Corey Wood, Patrick Pierre
Jeff Gold, Patrick Pierre, Jenahye Johnson
Patrick Pierre, Jeff Gold, Jenahye Johnson
Maceo Tendaji
Maceo Tendaji, Jeff Gold
Jenahye Johnson, Maceo Tendaji, Jeff Gold, Jamie Duffy, Patrick Pierre
Maceo Tendaji, Jeff Gold
Maceo Tendaji, Jamie Duffy, Jenahye Johnson
Jamie Duffy, Jeff Gold
Alexis J. Smith, Michael Dandridge
Jamie Duffy, Maceo Tendaji
Michael Dandridge, Alexis J. Smith, Jamie Duffy, Maceo Tendaji, Jenahye Johnson
Maceo Tendaji, Jamie Duffy
Michael Dandridge, Alexis J. Smith, Maceo Tendaji, Jamie Duffy
Maceo Tendaji
Alyse Hamilton, Jenahye Johnson
Michael Dandridge, Alexis J. Smith
Jamie Duffy, Maceo Tendaji, Jenahye Johnson
Michael Dandridge, Jenahye Johnson, Alexis J. Smith
Michael Dandridge, Alexis J. Smith


We manage to get it done despite any last-minute changes! This is a great team!

I will continue to document the “The C-Word” experience.

Please provide your thoughts and questions in the comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. If you have a topic in mind you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Originally published October 31, 2018.  Updated October 15, 2020 to adjust category assignments.

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