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Support Our #creatives® Shares: De Niro and Netflix Bet That New York Can Be a New Hollywood | The New York Times

The actor Robert De Niro is part of an investment group that is buying a large parcel in Queens to build a production studio. Credit Angela Weiss/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images (photo and caption from linked article)

The shared article originally appeared in The New York Times: “De Niro and Netflix Bet That New York Can Be a New Hollywood”, by Matthew Haag.

Being from New York City, I am always attracted to viewing films and TV shows produced there. Over the years, many new studios have sprung up across the five boroughs, joining other studios from the early days of the film industry. Actor Robert De Niro is part of a group building a new studio. The shared article discusses that project, as well as the economic incentives that have led to the resurgence of production in New Your City.

The shared article begins below …

De Niro and Netflix Bet That New York Can Be a New Hollywood

The actor and his son hope to join the city’s exploding film and television production industry with a $400 million facility in Queens.

Steiner Studios opened along the Brooklyn waterfront in 2004 as the largest film studio outside Hollywood. Television and movie productions had fled New York City for cheaper locations, and the new studio was trying to ignite a turnaround.

Nearly 15 years later, the industry has exploded.



Concluding remarks:

I hope New York continues to offer incentives to produce films and TV there. There is a need for lots of original content to fill the time of all the new platforms (e.g., streamers) and old platforms (e.g. TV networks). There will be lots of producers that will need a place to shoot. Wildflower Studios should have no problem getting clients.

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