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Support Our #creatives® Shares: Alan Greenstein – The Creative Mind | London Glossy Post

ME! (photo from London Glossy article)

The shared article originally appeared in London Glossy Post: “Alan Greenstein – The Creative Mind”.

I usually do interviews with creatives for my blog, BUT … now the tables are turned as I AM INTERVIEWED,  by The London Glossy Post.

Deborah Thomas is presently the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of London Glossy Post. Debby and I have been friends and business associates for years. She suggested doing a piece on me as she has been impressed by my passion project Support Our #creatives, my role in the entertainment industry, and how I help creatives.

The London Glossy Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for today’s modern individual. The magazine focuses on Business, Wellness, Society, and our Environment. – from London Glossy website

The shared article begins below …

Alan Greenstein – The Creative Mind

As vast as the Entertainment and Arts industry is, it takes the super talented and shakers to keep the wheels going. Without those talented minds there would be no creativity and no opportunities for thousands of artists to live their dreams. The world is full of uncertainties but the entertainment and art industry brings in that balance that gives us the much needed excitement that is essential for our well being. London Glossy gets an insight into the creative mind of Alan Greenstein through his work, his aspirations and his thoughts.


Concluding remarks:

Thanks to Debby for giving me another platform to get my message out there – and this time to an international audience! I discussed how I got into entertainment, why I take on the projects that I do, my definition of success, the impacts of social media and technology, some of my recent projects, and lessons learned (plus what I still have to learn).

Please provide feedback or questions in the Comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you. And let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.

Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated by London Glossy for this post.

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