Support Our #creatives® News: Upcoming Screenings of “The Book of Ruth,” by Chen Drachman, Starring Tovah Feldshuh

“The Book of Ruth,” by Chen Drachman has multiple screenings in September and October, including its New York premiere and its International Premiere in Vancouver, BC.

The Book of Ruth follows a family’s visit at their grandmother’s house on the night of the Seder. Later that night the granddaughter, Lizzy, confronts her grandma, Ruth, about something she’d suspected for years.

The Book of Ruth website
The Book of Ruth (photo from the Facebook page for the film)

I am so pleased to be a funder of this film – I am a Donor Producer. I have seen this film and I can definitely say that the story told by this film is quite unique — a deep family secret where historical events are blended with the present day — and is quite plausible.

Read more about the film at

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